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Toronto Foam Fest 2017 Recap

O.M.G. I’ve run the MetCon Blue (Blue Mountain), Mud Hero (Albion Hills), Mud Run (Clairville Conservation), Badass Dash (Kitchener & York), and I have to say, the Toronto Foam Fest 5K was, hands down, one of the MOST fun OCR’s I’ve raced.


I think it’s because it was not competitive. There was no timing chip. No rush to get through the obstacles. Everyone was out for the sheer fun of it. It’s been a couple of years since I raced an OCR, and although I am not at the weight I was then, I feel like my strength was better and I was better equipped for this race. Plus, it looked like a lot of fun and not too many hills!!

The race started early, and as always I chose an early race time. At the start, you run through a wall of soapy foam and straight into the conservation area. Obstacles consisted of inflatable, jumpy-bouncy-type things to jump over & slide down, there were 2 water obstacles where you maneuver through inner tubes tied together through the river and a straight run on the lily pads through the river that runs through the conservation park. There was the crawl through mud (that honestly smelled like shit, literally), bungee cord mazes, cargo net climbs, I even slid down the death drop; a 2-storey water slide from HELL.

I was on a team of 5 other ladies. What a wonderful group. Some of us had only just met that morning. For 4 of them, it was their first OCR.

Some social media comments were that the shuttles took too long – we didn’t have a problem as we were so early in the morning. Some complained of the ruts in the ground – Listen, you chose to run a trail OCR in the middle of a conservation park. You should expect uneven ground. *Mental Head Slap*

I think this face sums up the whole experience. I had an amazing time. The medal was stunning and colourful as was the towel – a neat idea.

If you are thinking about trying this race, I highly recommend it. Now, which race is my next victim?? Muah ah ah!!




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Year in Review: 2014

If you remember, 2014 did not start off that great. I had the flu the minute I woke up on New Years Day 2014.

In March, I switched jobs. In hindsight, I should have trusted my gut instincts and not made the move. More about why, later.

May saw me travel to Alberta for work. I was lucky enough to be able to stay with and visit my younger brother & his family while I was there for work. I landed home on a Friday night at 9:30 and left Saturday morning for Miami for a week long vacation in the Western Caribbean aboard the MSC Divina leaving from Miami.

After that, I was exhausted. The exercise was all over the place in the beginning of the new job as my hours went from 8-4 to 10:30-7. This wreaked havoc on my body clock along with my food clock.

Things picked up in June as I started to get out for runs and use the Nike Training App (NTC). I challenged myself to run 26 km in July, doubling my June total and I ran 26.97 km. July was also the first race of the season with the MetCon Blue at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, ON. There were little photographs of the event and the obstacles were very few and cheesy.

In August, I ran the York Region Bad Ass Dash and fell on the back side of the “mountain”, spraining my ankle. This sidelined my August running goal. Although it did not stop me from training my upper body using the bowflex and modified push-ups.

September saw me run the Kitchener Bad Ass Dash in the rain. I was cautious as my ankle was still sore. But this one I finished. Phew. This was a hard one. I ran another 26.9 km this month.

By this point, work started to get me down as were some toxic people in my life. I decided that I was not going to race in 2015 choosing to re-focus my energy on me. October saw one run and the 5km CIBC Run for the Cure. I was supposed to run this race with a number of people but a couple back out and the others left me alone to go elsewhere. My beautiful girls woke up early that morning and decided to run with me. We started the race at a slow jog alternating between jogging and walking. My oldest gave every police officer on the course a high-five, putting smiles on all their faces. I cried uncontrollably at the end. October also saw me start going to K’s PiYO classes once a week on Thursdays. I hurt for 4 days after. It’s not hurting as bad, but I’m still stiff.

In November, I was sent to two locations at work in Alberta and Manitoba. By this time, I was really unhappy at work. The promises that cemented my reason to leave my former job had not materialized – and were never going to – and the purpose of hiring someone like myself was to help promote and facilitate change within their corporate culture. My boss knew I was unhappy asking me to stay, telling me we would do it together, it would get better, etc.

December saw me leave that company. Mid-December, my DH and I went to New York City. Not without having missed our flights due to a snowstorm. Then being re-booked for later that day, only to have the flight cancelled. We decided to make the most of it. We got our money back for the flights, cancelled our rental car and got a refund and decided to drive through the night. We arrived in Secaucus, NJ at 9am. After a shower and breakfast, we hopped on the NJ Transit and arrived at the Port Authority Bus Station. We walked nearly 50 km that weekend. I got to see Times Square, Rockerfeller Plaza, Central Park, Bryant Park, Empire State Building, FAO Schwartz – all decorated for Christmas, and at night all lit up!! It was very exciting and fun.

Christmas was a small gathering of my in-laws, SIL, her BF and one niece and my Mom, DH and my girls. On Tuesday before Christmas I took my oldest daughter to the public Library to get a biography on Bobby Orr and picked up 5 books for myself. I finished all of these before the week was up.

Today, I weighed myself. I am ashamed of myself. I am upset and angry at myself. But I am not surprised. I am up. 45lbs from my lowest. My DH bought me a TRX for Christmas. Since I am not yet working, I will attempt to repair the leaks in the outside wall of the basement (hopefully it’s rod holes from the foundation) and replace the wall so that I can complete the “activity room” and get the bowflex, dreadmill, TRX, etc. set up again.

New Years is a couple days away, we’re headed to E’s house. We’ll come home with the kids after the ball drops. I’m not much of a drinker anymore, no desire. Strangely enough, I have no desire to eat M&M’s anymore either.

Cheers to a happy, healthy 2015.



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Post-Race and Training recap

I forgot to set a September goal. I managed to get in 26.9 km in September along with bodyweight exercises, but no real training. My shins and time I ran, but I persevered and kept on going. On September 30, I wanted to drop the kids off and go back to bed, but I didn’t. I looked at the clock and thought, I have 30 minutes, lets see where it can take me. It took me 3.33 km.

However, looking back at my August goal, perhaps 40 km was a little ambitious. Especially considering I fell at the York Region BadAss Dash in July and sprained my ankle. It was a good week before I could walk on it. I had tried to walk on my ankle many times too early because crutches were a pain. You would be proud to learn that even with the sprained ankle, I still got in my workouts. I used the Nike Training Club (NTC) App on my iPad to do the abs workout along with the Arnold S Double Split exercise as found in Muscle & Fitness magazine. I did the Chest/Back/Arms/Abs. I realized that there was nothing wrong with the rest of me – so why not work it out? So I did.

I did run 7.62km for the month of August. I went to the gym and did 4km on the treadmill and felt great. When I tried to do two trips around Chinguacousy Park with E, my ankle was on fire at about 1.5 km. I persevered and made it to 2.5 km before we ran up and down the hill twice taking us to 3.55 km. Since the ankle was hurting, I was doing exercises on the bowflex. I tried to pay attention to ankle exercises and used the resistance bands to do exercises for sprained ankles I found on Pinterest. This sprain was not as bad as some of mine have been in the past – but I think the combination of this sprain and ALL the others (trust me, there were many. I keep my own pair of crutches in the garage) has really weakend my ankle.

On the races, not only did I feel the extra weight, but I could also feel the lack of strength training. Especially at the a frame obstacle where you pulled yourself up and over the wall. I couldn’t get myself up! I had NO issues with this last year. Instead I took the 15 push-up-15 sit-up penalty. On that final BadAss Dash, I managed to do 20-25 push-ups for most of the penalties. I was sore the next day, but on race day – I rawked these! The push up challenges and squat challenges I was doing with K’s FitClub on Facebook were paying off.

I’ve been feeling pretty crap about myself lately. Someone made some comments that I allowed to get to me. My fault. Actually getting activity in has been a feat in itself. Yeah, I’m overweight. Yeah, I’ve put weight back on. Yeah, I am slower than a turtle in PB. I may not run as fast as others, I may not be as fit as others. I may not be where I want to be, but thankfully, I’m not where I used to be.  Here’s to setting new goals and winter training.



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BadAss Dash Kitchener 2014

The Kitchener BadAss Dash was September 13. It was a cold and rainy day in Kitchener…every where in Southern Ontario actually. I dreaded this race. I had been running and exercising leading up to this but my heart just wasn’t in it.

I still wonder, why, of all races I have done, could I not just get into this one. I think maybe I psyched myself out of it. It was HARD last year when I was 30 lbs lighter, what the heck would it be like this year?? Well, I found out.

I picked up E’s nephew and headed to her house to meet up with the other team members. We carpooled (I mapped out the hospital on the way up this time). We got there and waited in the rain to get the race packets. Then waited in the rain in the corral. We were the 3rd wave (after lining up that is). Off we go. The first hill was the steepest hill….as we ran, we figured out the course was a little backwards from last year and ALOT harder. The hills were steeper and higher but the back hills were not nearly as long (thank goodness). I admit to skipping nearly all the water obstacles – I mean, I was already cold and slightly damp (I picked up this awesome wicking long sleeve T on a whim the night before – THANK YOU to my boss for that suggestion!!) so why make myself even MORE miserable than I was already feeling?? E waited and pushed me the entire time – no really, at one point, she actually got behind me and PUSHED me!! There were some fun times along the course. There were times where after rolling down a hill I wanted to puke. There were times I realized my endurance was awesome if only I could get my legs to work. Eventually I did – get them to work.

We finished the race in 1:55 this year coming in at 474 & 475 of 1211 females and were faster than the average pace of 1:56. It was slower than last year, but all team members admitted that this was a lot harder than it was last year.

What did I think of this race? It was the best of the BadAss Dashes to date. It was actually the best of all the races I’ve done so far. However, the photographers this year SUCKED and the wait times for some of the obstacles wasn’t worth it. I ended up finding a path around the pond and took it (I still ran, geeze, no cheating involved). That was a good half hour wait and we’d already waited 20 mins – maybe that’s why our time was 16 minutes longer??

While my teammates have all signed up for next year’s races – I decided to take time off. I need to focus on better nutrition (I have an appointment my dietician in October) and better, more consistent exercise routine. Also, I know E races along side me because I’m her friend and she feels this misplaced sense of obligation to stay with me. If I don’t run, she can run with the rest of the team and realize that she’s better off without me dragging down her time. She’ll probably have more fun too.

A side note about the nutrition thing. I went to a new family doctor last week to get a referral to my GI for my 2 year follow-up MRI and asked him for the referral to a dietician. I mentioned how since the diagnosis the weight loss stalled and then I started to gain. He said it made sense. I was baffled – and I think he saw it written on my face. He said that I’d gone undiagnosed for who knows how long and I was losing all the nutrients which made it easier to lose the weight. Now I have been on the GF diet for almost 2 years, it made sense that the repair to my intestines meant that I was now properly absorbing the nutrients making it difficult to lose the weight. An “ah-ha” moment. Then I thought – Great. It already took 2 years and a lot of hard work to get the first 68lbs off and now it means I will need to work longer and even harder to re-lose 30 and then some. Geeze. Where’s the cake??



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BadAss Dash York 2014

Beep…beep…beep…beep…5:21 am…my alarm is going off. I haven’t seen that time on my alarm clock in over 5 years. E – I hate you. It’s Saturday August 2. The day has come. The BadAss Dash. It’s the first year for the dash at this location in Keswick, ON at the ROC.

I get out of bed, get my race gear that I left for myself the night before on. Brush my hair into a pony-tail, brush my teeth – not with the same brush. I gather my stuff, kiss the kids & hubby (they will leave that morning to go to the cottage for the long weekend) and get in the car to pick up K. I pick her up, then head to E’s to get her and her BIL, M.  We leave just after 7 for the almost 1.5 hour drive to hell….after missing the cutoff on the highway and making a slight detour, we arrive and pay our $10 for parking. We sign in and pick up our race kits and get ready.

The Elite runners go first. The recreational division can’t start until atleast one of those finishes. It takes him 40 mins. Show off. We enter the corral. We`re the second wave…

We had such an early start time and the grass was still dewy as we were the second wave to go I kept falling down the first small “hills”. We run through the flat (thank god) forest and on to some quite manageable obstacles.

We are on our way to the pond to walk across the floaty-things (yes – that IS the official name of this obstacle)…spot me.


Yep. There I am. Sitting in the pond.

On to the next obstacle, the over-under…not a problem…next, the slalom on the backside of the “mountain”. It`s four times up and down the mountain.  Up…down…up…down….up…down…umph…owwwwwwwwww….cry. I fell in a hole and dropped like a sack of potatoes crying. I’ve sprained my ankle. E was halfway up the last upwards pass in front of me and K was half way up the pass behind me. I could hear E call out if I was ok…not too concerned – until she heard the cry that was. She knew I was hurt. Along comes a race volunteer – then a medic. I’m taken off the side of the mountain in a vehicle and driven to the medic trailer where I wait out the remainder of the race on a gurney with a splint and ice.

E’s BIL M was the first to finish and went back to find us when he learned of my accident. He came to find me. I gave him my shoe to give to E so that my timing chip could pass the finish. E even collected a medal for me.

I`m pissed. I`m pissed off that I didn`t finish. I failed. I HATE TO FAIL. I could feel the extra weight I carried with me through the race. Ah well, off to the ER to get this foot checked.

Here`s to healing as the BadAss Dash Kitchener is in September…let`s hope the sprain is healed.



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Met Con Blue: Recap

It all started with innocent comments on a facebook page. Friends asking each other to join a fun race together. One they haven’t tried before. It’ll be fun they said. The things I let people talk me into…this one was the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race. So, on a warm Friday night in June, I was picked up at home by E. I packed a couple of backpacks. One would hold my “race gear” and the other what I needed for sleep and post race the next day. I hugged my beloved children and husband and gave them kisses, told them I loved them and headed out to the unknown. Literally. We were staying at P&M’s house in their “camper” since they live 20 mins from the race and we lived 1.5 hours away.

We arrived at P&M’s around 9-ish and after a tour of the “camper” we had some drinks and snacks. Around mid-night we headed to bed. Our race time was 10am. Now I keep saying “camper” as it had a queen bed, stainless steel appliances, a flat screen TV, gorgeous soft sheets….so it really was no hardship. These guys were AMAZING hosts. Not only was the camper awesome, but the thoughtfulness they put into the snacks – they had a ton of GF snacks, bread, ships, etc. I’m a lucky gal to have great friends like this (and yes, E is always like this too).

Ok, back to the torture, er, I mean, race. We arrive just in the nick of time to grab our packs, take a pic and get to the start line (the 10 am heat had just started a couple of minutes before we got there).

Met Con Blue - BEFORE

Met Con Blue – BEFORE

We started a quick jog along the side and gently up a slight slope, over some tires, up another slope, then over ice in hay (??) and then…ultimate torture of a nearly 90 degree slope of the side of a MOUNTAIN!!!!!! I gave up about a thousand times, begged E&E to go on without me, I was ok with DNF. I could NOT BREATHE! I was going to roll down the hill….I would meet her there. Both E’s kept cheering me on. Next thing I know they have a group of women on the side of a mountain of all shapes & sizes cheering us on! This is why I LOVE these races!!! Needless to say – I finally made it up the side of that FRICKIN mountain!!

Met Con Race Course

Met Con Race Course

The water stations were too close together on this race and the obstacles (other than the SIDE OF THE MOUNTAIN) were kinda cheesy. They had monkey bars – and you know I seriously dislike Monkey Bars – so I jumped in the poll and waded to the other side and kept going. In the end, I managed a HUGE bruise, lost a shoe right at the end and crossed the lone with one shoe on and no idea where the other was! I was exhausted and sore and cold but I did it.


Mission Complete!

Another Medal & Bib for the wall:

Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame

I’ve been sore for two days…the pain fades…the pride stays. Here’s to the next one in August – unless I sign up for Warrior Dash in July…





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Met Con Blue – Mountain Adventure Race: Training

I’m scheduled to run with E and P&M in the Met Con Blue Mountain Adventure Race this coming weekend.  I have done NO training for this. Now I know I will HURT after this race. I mean seriously. Last year when I was at my peak weight loss and best fitness level, I hurt then. So I know I will hurt like crazy after this weekend.

I hope that this will either a)inspire me to get back to clean, healthy eating and daily activity or b) to never, ever sign up for one of these again.  I told E I was coming down with a case of lazy-itis and that physical exertion could kill me…she didn’t fall for it. Gulp. Help.

Cheers to this weekend.


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2014 Races & Goals

It’s 2014. What will I be planning this year?? I’d like to lose 30 -40 more lbs but I’d like to get fit and have a tummy tuck…maybe not ALL this year, but those are my goals. I already have a wonderful hubby, amazing little girls, an awesome mom & dad and family and friends – what else would I ask for?

I plan to race this year. I made a list of the obstacle races in and around me this year…

  1. Zombie Run May 31
  2. Punisher Adventure Race Hamilton May 31
  3. Mud Run June 1
  4. Spartan Race Toronto June 7
  5. Met Con Blue Mountain June 14 (Gulp – signed up)
  6. Warrior Dash Toronto July 19
  7. BadAss Dash August 2 (signed up)
  8. Tough Mudder August 16 & 17
  9. Mud Hero August 23
  10. BadAss Dash September 13 (signed up)


So far, E has signed us up for both BadAss Dash’s (it was a deal – 50% off, it was like buy one get one free!). E signed us up for the MetCon Blue Mountain this week – it’s 5K and 13 obstacles….one is…dun dun dunnnnn…Monkey Bars. UGH. I CANNOT DO THE MONKEY BARS!! At Spartan – you’ll end up doing a burpee penalty for not completing the obstacle. So, my choice is to either train for the burpees or the monkey bars. So, me being me, I Googled monkey bar training and found this guy from Australia on You Tube.

I hopped on the dreadmill the other night but lately the belt has been slipping when I run so again, me being me, I googled it and found out how to tighten the belt on You Tube. Instead, I did weights and core. I surprised myself; I am getting MUCH better at the core exercises that I was not able to do before…Yeah ME!! I actually had fun 🙂 (sshhh…don’t tell the trainer).

This week? Today (Monday) & Wednesday I should head to the gym and then Tuesday & Thursday do something at home (depends on what happens in class Monday & Wednesday) along with something at home Friday & Saturday, unless I try a Saturday morning class since indoor house league soccer is over.

I NEED TO WATCH WHAT I EAT. DRINK MORE WATER. These are THE goals for this week. Wish me luck.

Cheers,  S.


Year in Review: 2013

I said I’d do it – I might be a couple of months behind, but here it is. My 2013 year in review.

January started off with a bang with a party and great friends. I continued my kickboxing, and started the Couch-to-5-K training on my own. For the next few months I continued the Weight Watchers At Work Program, although through the past year I have been “even steven”. My clothes and shoes no longer fit – I lost 10 dress sizes! I have continued to maintain this too! All this training has me earning 48 or more point plus points on the WW program per week! 2013 saw me get up to 200+ squats per day.

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January welcomed my 36th Birthday with a girls night out. It’s getting harder to recover from hangovers the older I get…

In February I met with the hospital Dietician to discuss the life altering news that I have Celiac disease. So began a year of what the hell is this and what the heck can I eat? I had to learn what this disease was, what to eat, what not to eat and get mad because everything had wheat in it and was gross or expensive.

I learned to teach kickboxing and eventually took over my own classes on Friday’s – only to quit at the end of August taking up a year-long membership with the City Rec Centres, joining classes and hiring a Personal Trainer from Groupon. Something is bound to stick….

I faced fears this year too, running the Mud Run at Clarieville Ranch, the Mud Hero at Albion Hills and the Bad Ass Dash in Kitchener. I had to sadly miss the Warrior Dash due to Dad’s sudden passing.

We were lucky to be able to vacation in Florida with Mom & Dad this year. Even though we spent most days at Disney with the kids, I wouldn’t trade the time we were all together for anything.

We went away to Northern Ontario (OK, so not snow northern, but 5 hours north was enough) for Canada Day Weekend. What a great retreat! We saw Depeche Mode on Labour Day weekend, gathered for holidays and readied ourselves for another Christmas and Canadian winter.

As I mentioned in another post. 2013 brought a mix of happiness, milestones and sadness. I experienced emotions during and after races I’d never felt before. The summer and following depression brought a new relationship with my friend Smirnoff – thankfully this affair didn’t get too out of hand.

Though my Dad’s passing was a HUGE milestone for me this year, I don’t want it to over shadow the good stuff. I had alot of fun in 2013. I have no regrets and I would do it all over again. So, goodbye 2013, rest in peace my wonderful SuperDaddy. Hello 2014 and new milestones, accomplishments and emotions.



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Chicopee Ski Hill & Resort. Kitchener, ON. Saturday September 14, 2013. 7 KM, 30 Obstacles. COMPLETED! Yeah! WHO’S BADASS?? ME!!!!!

Myself and 7 wonderful, fantastic, fun-loving and adventurous friends braved the chilly morning just over an hours drive north-west of me to Kitchener< Ontario for the ONLY Canadian stop on the BadAss 2013 tour. This stop had the Highest number of registrations of all the cities and the highest amount or money raised for charity of all the locations. WOO HOO!! CANADIANS ARE AWESOME!

If you are planning to try any of these obstacle races and find out that they are at any location that has “SKI” in it, think hills. STEEP HILLS. then train. When you think you have trained enough for those hills, try that circuit atleast 5 more times. MAYBE then, you will be ready. The obstacles, no problem (except when it’s too high for me to climb on top of without a boost or a tree for leverage), but those frickin hills nearly killed me. The hills in this race had NOTHING on the Mud Hero. NOTHING. I wanted to quit about 2km into it. that’s because we had been up and down these hills a few times already. and we still had 5K to go!! I did NOT do the claustrophobic crawl – i took the 20 push-up penalty. I also took a 10 push-up penalty for the spiderman crawl. I got too panicked and claustrophobic from the cage crawl to attempt anything else.

There was one real mud pit to crawl through, one 3ft deep walk under rope in brown water and a swim across a murky looking pond. Technically that one was supposed to be a walk across these floating thingys, but the line was too long so we jumped in and swam across. Now that’s BADASS!!

We even had our socks to prove it (found these puppies at…everyone asked about them they were so awesome :)).


I am tired. I am sore. I have a few bruises – not as many as Mud Hero. I have soaked in the hot tub. I have had a good nights sleep. I am proud of myself. I am proud of the things I have accomplished. I wanted to quit. I didn’t. I persevered. I pushed through the pain. I finished. I finished in 1:39:01.15. I placed 1687/2356 in the recreation division and 334/549 in my age group 35-39. There was ONE 70-year-old man who finished 1:05! I’M SLOWER THAN A 70 YEAR-OLD! However, I’m faster than I was 2 years ago, sitting on my ass on the couch watching others do this on TV.

Cheers to being BadAss, and here’s to next years obstacles!