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If I have learned anything this week following my mother’s death and being her executor, it’s this:


I know, I know. We joke about giving our BF’s the passwords to out social media accounts and resetting our phones and browsing history, etc. But I’m serious. Every time I asked my mom to write down her passwords, she would agree and say she’s done it. She would tell me to go into her laptop and login automatically to her bank account so I could pay expenses, bills and the like. Except, she forgot to give me the password to log into her laptop.

And as we’ve started to sort through her things, we found the passwords she swore she wrote down. Scribbled. In six different, small notebooks. Passwords – all different – for the same accounts. It’s a guessing game.


I knew her hydro, gas, water, etc bills were all being sent electronically. I managed to successfully reset her email password (after trying for 2 days to guess the response to the standard security question “where did you meet your spouse” and discovered the responses are different for each account). I now have to guess the logins and passwords to all the accounts for hydro, gas, water…

So, should you find yourself with all your bills, banking and social media accounts with different usernames, emails, passwords, responses different – write it down. If you encrypt it into a password keeper, write down the CURRENT (and keep it current) password for that ONE person you trusted to access your shit and reset your phone, social media and browsing history or to simply pay your bills.




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I shoulda stayed in bed


This morning (last night actually), I shoulda stayed in bed. I stopped at Tim Horton’s for a steeped tea. I drank it when I got home. I think it was actually coffee (which I don’t like) but I couldn’t be sure because I can’t taste anything with this cold. *shrug*

This morning, I peeled myself out of bed. I got ready – NSV; I’m wearing a top and jeans ONE SIZE SMALLER today – and looked at the time. Damn. I needed to leave the house 5 mins ago. Except that A asked for a drive to school this am. I need to go to the bank to pay daycare. I don’t have my lunch/snacks/tea yet. Damn. Ok kids – out the door. We have time to hit the ATM and I will hit Tim’s on my way to work. Ha! Stupid Universe had other plans.

I drove to the bank. I went inside and the machine was out of service. The line for tellers was long. I thought, I’ll take my chances in the drive-thru. Well, once you’re in that drive-thru, you’re trapped. Then, the lady 2 cars ahead was doing ALL HER BANKING – at 8:15 am!! ARGH!! Do it online lady! Now, I’ve made the kids late for daycare/school. Rushed to drop them off, it’s now 8:30 am. I’m usually at work by 8:20. Traffic was heavy today, people breaking and going the speed limit. I mean, what’s THAT about? Don’t they know I’m late?!?!?!

I didn’t have time to stop for tea so I made one at work. Now, I sit here at my desk in common cold-induced daze. Waiting for what the rest of today brings. Hockey practice for A tonight and the gym for me.

I haven’t weighed in this week. 1. I was SO bloated on Wednesday because I think I may have glutened myself accidentally, 2. I was too busy running around Wednesday with work and kids sports and 3. I got too busy Thursday with work, being sick and the gym to go.

That being said, I have caught a cold. It’s only the beginning, but I haven’t let it stop me. I may not have weighed in, but I have been to the gym. Monday at lunch for 45 mins and again after work for an hour class. I went Wednesday for 1.5 hours and Thursday for speed intervals on the dreadmill and an hour bootcamp class. I’m trying to sweat out my cold. Maybe I should switch to Vodka.

Cheers to the weekend!!


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Weight Watchers Week 13

Sorry for being absent last week my friends. I have no idea what I weighed last week, nor did I care. No, I haven’t given up. My beautiful family and I went on a wonderful vacation to the south-western Caribbean. Private tour of the Island of Roatan with snorkeling; Harvest Caye in Belize snorkeling and being a lazy beach bum; Mayan Ruins in Costa Maya, Mexico; and finally scuba diving in Cozumel, Mexico. *sigh*

Not so wonderful was the trip home…I was up at 6:45 am. We got dressed, showered, went for our last breakfast aboard the Norwegian Getaway. We disembarked by 9:30 am. Arrived at the Miami International Airport by 10 am. Thanks to no service from Air Canada, the check-in process took 2 hours! Finally we entered the secure area. We waited for a bit for the flight when we looked at the board and discovered our 3:15 flight was moved to 5:00 pm. Then to 10 pm!! Why you ask? Well, as I was savoring the wonderful tropical weather (picture lots of rain, wind and blowing palm trees) in 24 degree weather, Toronto was having a snow storm. It’s first of the season. Fantastic. (Seriously, we need a font designer to invent a “sarcasm” font).

We decided to wander to get the kids some grub.

We looked at the interactive screen and found a TGI Fridays and Chili’s – but no access from our terminal. Great. Let me say, zero to no options for us Celiacs. Kids ate McDonald’s and I stole a couple of fries.

While eating, I looked at the iPad and notice the flight was pushed back to 5:30. We double checked the flight board and sure enough, 5:30. We sauntered to the gate only to learn we were pushed back again, to 7 pm. Around 5:30 they announced we could board. It was a free-for-all. No control over the boarding process AT ALL. Once we got settled on the plane ready for take off, Toronto issues a no-fly something-or-other. This meant NO traffic into Toronto. We sat on the plane until 9:30 (still no lunch or dinner for me) when we finally took off. By 12:30 we were in a hold pattern over Toronto. The good news is once we landed around 1 am we had no gate! Finally, a gate, cleared customs and waited for luggage by 1:30 am. By the time we got to the car at 2:37 am and got home, I sat in bed at 3:38 am.

I was up bright and early for my 6:30 am alarm to go to work. You know what? As tired as I am as I write this. I wouldn’t trade my week (or this “vertigo” feeling) for the world! Happy Holidays!!!



PS I ate mostly grilled chicken, grilled steak, vegetables and ice cream all week. They did have GF Blueberry muffins and yummy GF Pepperoni Pizza!! Every hand included a Miami Vice 😉

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Happy Birthday to me…2015

January 31. My 38th Birthday.  It was uneventful day. I mean, lets face it, the older we get birthday’s mean a lot less. It was a typical Saturday – 2+ hours at the hockey rink followed by a mad dash to the soccer centre and then home.

Once home, I turned on the fireplace and layed down on the loveseat and snuggled in for a nice long nap. I woke up, had dinner with mom, hubby & kids, some Gluten Free Dufflet Cake and a Dufflet Lemon Tart and then a visit with friends.

My in-laws and mom gave me some money as a gift (it can pay for those shoes I ordered online Friday at work on impulse). You can forget about diamonds and jewelry, my wonderful Hubby & my girls got me a BOSU for my birthday!!! WOO HOO!! I’m lucky. Now that  I have my TRX and my Bosu, I am getting more and more itchy to finish the empty room in the basement to make a real home gym, but I think I’ll enjoy the rest of Super Bowl Sunday relaxing.

Happy Birthday to me.




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Post-Race and Training recap

I forgot to set a September goal. I managed to get in 26.9 km in September along with bodyweight exercises, but no real training. My shins and time I ran, but I persevered and kept on going. On September 30, I wanted to drop the kids off and go back to bed, but I didn’t. I looked at the clock and thought, I have 30 minutes, lets see where it can take me. It took me 3.33 km.

However, looking back at my August goal, perhaps 40 km was a little ambitious. Especially considering I fell at the York Region BadAss Dash in July and sprained my ankle. It was a good week before I could walk on it. I had tried to walk on my ankle many times too early because crutches were a pain. You would be proud to learn that even with the sprained ankle, I still got in my workouts. I used the Nike Training Club (NTC) App on my iPad to do the abs workout along with the Arnold S Double Split exercise as found in Muscle & Fitness magazine. I did the Chest/Back/Arms/Abs. I realized that there was nothing wrong with the rest of me – so why not work it out? So I did.

I did run 7.62km for the month of August. I went to the gym and did 4km on the treadmill and felt great. When I tried to do two trips around Chinguacousy Park with E, my ankle was on fire at about 1.5 km. I persevered and made it to 2.5 km before we ran up and down the hill twice taking us to 3.55 km. Since the ankle was hurting, I was doing exercises on the bowflex. I tried to pay attention to ankle exercises and used the resistance bands to do exercises for sprained ankles I found on Pinterest. This sprain was not as bad as some of mine have been in the past – but I think the combination of this sprain and ALL the others (trust me, there were many. I keep my own pair of crutches in the garage) has really weakend my ankle.

On the races, not only did I feel the extra weight, but I could also feel the lack of strength training. Especially at the a frame obstacle where you pulled yourself up and over the wall. I couldn’t get myself up! I had NO issues with this last year. Instead I took the 15 push-up-15 sit-up penalty. On that final BadAss Dash, I managed to do 20-25 push-ups for most of the penalties. I was sore the next day, but on race day – I rawked these! The push up challenges and squat challenges I was doing with K’s FitClub on Facebook were paying off.

I’ve been feeling pretty crap about myself lately. Someone made some comments that I allowed to get to me. My fault. Actually getting activity in has been a feat in itself. Yeah, I’m overweight. Yeah, I’ve put weight back on. Yeah, I am slower than a turtle in PB. I may not run as fast as others, I may not be as fit as others. I may not be where I want to be, but thankfully, I’m not where I used to be.  Here’s to setting new goals and winter training.



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June 2014 Training

If I look back to my Nike+ Running App and my C25K App, I trained in June. I ran a total of 13 km over 2 weeks. For the re-reformed couch-potato, that’s a start. As the saying goes,”you don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.” Well, I started. Again.

I also made sure to use the stretch guide from the NTC App. At first the stretches hurt, but they’re not so bad now. I can tell I have put the weight back on. Not only can I see it in the photo’s from my cousin’s son’s baptism, I could feel it on the race and now my back has started hurting again when I sleep. Without fail, I’m awake every morning at 4 am with my back.

Tonight, I intended to go out after I put the kids to bed. Life had other plans. I got ready, then helped the kids with their shower and shortly after I was texting with E when I found an old screen shot of a conversation I’d had with my Dad over a year ago. Needless to say I’ve spent the better part of my night feeling sorry for myself. But today, I resisted all chocolate; all chips; and I only had one pop (that’s good for a pop-a-holic). So tonight, I’m going to sleep in my running gear. That way when I wake up in the morning, I’m ready to go. A piece of gum, a headband and a puff of inhaler and I’ll be off. As long as there is no rain. If there is rain – I’ll go to the basement for P90X3.

I’ve been invited to go to yoga tomorrow with a girl from work. I’ll give that a try too. I was going to look into T25 and PiYO – not sure what these are, but I’ve heard a lot about it from people on Instagram.

For July, I will double my running – to 26K for the month. I also plan to put weight training back into my routine. And get back on a routine.

Here’s to July.



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The Wagon: On or Off?

I sat down and had a talk with myself the other morning while getting ready for work.

I asked myself what happened? Why have I fallen so far off track? It wasn’t ONLY because I suffered loss last year – although that’s when I truly gave up (especially on activity). However, if I am honest and look back, I had fallen off track long before July 2013.

I got bored. Tracking and weighing your food daily – got boring. I also got cocky. I thought, I lost nearly 70 lbs., I’ve got this. I don’t NEED to follow WW anymore…it helped me maintain for a year…I’m good. I know the program.

Guess what? I was wrong.

So, the question is, How do I get back the motivation and willpower I know I once possessed in September 2011? Well, some of that motivation is coming back because of my clothes. I have had to dip back into the bag of clothes I have from one size up. That means I’ve gained atleast 15 lbs. since WW at Work stopped. It also comes in from the mirror. I SEE the weight in my face and chin and bloating in the gut (this is my worst area). It’s also in my energy levels. I’m tired – all the time. I could sit and waste an entire day in bed reading (I do love a good book or 100). I mean really – would a half hour or 45 mins kill me to go for a run or weights? In the beginning? Maybe, as I try to get back into it – but in the long run – No, of course not.

So, this week I pledged to track (even those awful (translates to REALLY YUMMY) homemade gluten free cheddar bay biscuits (or 6) that I ate with Mom’s homemade Beef Stew on Sunday). So far, it’s embarrassing but I’m doing it. Sunday I ate like a fat kid home from fat camp (once I realized what I was doing I stopped – TOM’s coming in a few days). I pledged to earn atleast 15 activity points this week. I once had earned 70 activity points in a week. I was only able to earn 8 activity points this week but I did track all my food until after dinner.

I will start travelling for work soon, immediately followed by a family vacation. I will be facing new challenges with work and travelling. But as I normally do, I will adapt. I’m going to google activity to perform while travelling that I could do without a gym (just in case the hotel doesn’t have one).

Change takes time. As much as I want it to be instant and easy, I understand it’s not going to be. It took me 2 years to lose the weight. It took me months to put it back on. It’s going to take time to get it off again. I’m sure we have all had to have these honest conversations with ourselves at one point or another. It’s not easy to look inside and admit your faults and ask for help. I am a food addict. I will always need help. Baby steps, right? Life is a journey – who wants to rush through it? I want to be healthy enough to be here to savour every moment.




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I hired a Personal Trainer

In November 2013, I found a Groupon for a Personal Trainer from Trainers on Site. The owner of this company was a fellow highschool classmate. I attended one or two of his free summer training sessions and enjoyed them immensely. I thought, why not, lets buy a round and bought one for E as well. I mean, if I have to suffer, she may as well too.

We met with our trainer Kevin in December. We bought 6 sessions. As cute as he is – don’t let that fool you. He’s a mean one Mr. Grinch. He took my whining and back talk and threats to kick him out in the middle of a session with humour and never let us give up. Just don’t tell him that there were times I didn’t hurt much, he’ll make me work harder next time.

The reason for my post regarding my personal trainer is this. If you have the finances – DO IT. I really enjoyed the kickboxing, but at the end I wasn’t challenged anymore. I bought an annual fitness pass with the City, but I quite often find myself asking – Am I doing the right exercises that I need to be doing to achieve my goal? Huh. Inset an email newsletter I get from Trainers On Site recently…”5 Lifestyle mistakes to STOP Making” was the caption. Guess what #5 was? Yep, Lifestyle Mistake #5: Not Doing the Right Physical Activity. “Weight loss is about burning more calories than you consume. Therefore, it should make sense to you that dieting and exercise must go hand in hand. If you want to speed up weight loss and keep the weight away, add or increase the amount and intensity of physical activity in your daily life.

For many people, this is the most difficult lifestyle change of all, but the benefits are well work it. Aim for 30 to 60 minutes of intense exercise on most days of the week. When exercise is a normal part of your everyday routine, it’s more likely to stick, and your body will become slimmer and more toned. “

If I hadn’t already committed to the City for a year and had the finances to hire Kevin full-time, I would in a heartbeat. Why? He motivated & encouraged me, he kept me accountable, and he made the sessions fun (ok, not so fun at the time when I wanted to puke or die), he kept switching it up and that made it interesting and fun for me. Not knowing what he was going to do was terrifying and exciting all at the same time. For the Fat Girl, I personally NEED that.

So, although I had a disastrous experience with a gym Groupon, this was one of the best – I highly recommend giving it a try.


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Chicopee Ski Hill & Resort. Kitchener, ON. Saturday September 14, 2013. 7 KM, 30 Obstacles. COMPLETED! Yeah! WHO’S BADASS?? ME!!!!!

Myself and 7 wonderful, fantastic, fun-loving and adventurous friends braved the chilly morning just over an hours drive north-west of me to Kitchener< Ontario for the ONLY Canadian stop on the BadAss 2013 tour. This stop had the Highest number of registrations of all the cities and the highest amount or money raised for charity of all the locations. WOO HOO!! CANADIANS ARE AWESOME!

If you are planning to try any of these obstacle races and find out that they are at any location that has “SKI” in it, think hills. STEEP HILLS. then train. When you think you have trained enough for those hills, try that circuit atleast 5 more times. MAYBE then, you will be ready. The obstacles, no problem (except when it’s too high for me to climb on top of without a boost or a tree for leverage), but those frickin hills nearly killed me. The hills in this race had NOTHING on the Mud Hero. NOTHING. I wanted to quit about 2km into it. that’s because we had been up and down these hills a few times already. and we still had 5K to go!! I did NOT do the claustrophobic crawl – i took the 20 push-up penalty. I also took a 10 push-up penalty for the spiderman crawl. I got too panicked and claustrophobic from the cage crawl to attempt anything else.

There was one real mud pit to crawl through, one 3ft deep walk under rope in brown water and a swim across a murky looking pond. Technically that one was supposed to be a walk across these floating thingys, but the line was too long so we jumped in and swam across. Now that’s BADASS!!

We even had our socks to prove it (found these puppies at…everyone asked about them they were so awesome :)).


I am tired. I am sore. I have a few bruises – not as many as Mud Hero. I have soaked in the hot tub. I have had a good nights sleep. I am proud of myself. I am proud of the things I have accomplished. I wanted to quit. I didn’t. I persevered. I pushed through the pain. I finished. I finished in 1:39:01.15. I placed 1687/2356 in the recreation division and 334/549 in my age group 35-39. There was ONE 70-year-old man who finished 1:05! I’M SLOWER THAN A 70 YEAR-OLD! However, I’m faster than I was 2 years ago, sitting on my ass on the couch watching others do this on TV.

Cheers to being BadAss, and here’s to next years obstacles!

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Friday Weigh In Round 4 Week 15

I know I am very late with this post, but I will admit I didn’t weigh in this week. On Wednesday I left with my DH, 2 beautiful kids and my folks and flew to Orlando ,Florida USA for a week’s vacation.

I tried to be good while I was away. Before I left I had a 90 minute kickboxing boot camp on Saturday and class on Monday. No jogging as I was getting ready to go Tuesday and we left Wednesday.

If you are a Celiac like me and you find yourself in Orlando anytime soon – Check out UNO Chicago on 192 in Kissimmee. They have an entire Gluten Free Menu and they deliver. The friendliest service and I had pizza for the first time in MONTHS and it was fantastic!! On Thursday DH and I took the kids to Magic Kingdom. I know Disney is supposed to be about the kids but zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…BORING. There are hardly any rides for the kids. I suppose it would’ve been better if my girls were into Princesses and stuff but they aren’t. I will say, for Lunch I had a great salad with Gluten Free Ranch dressing. There are plenty of water fountains and they let us take our own water in (Canada’s Wonderland please take note here). We arrived at Magic Kingdom about 10:30 am and got back to the rental house after 1am.

On Friday we had a breakfast at home. I had yoghurt, scrambled eggs, 4 pcs bacon, fruit and Orange Juice.  By the time we got out of the house it was nearly 3pm, so we went outlet shopping…dinner was chicken, salad and potatoes at home.

Saturday was Hollywood Studios. I was very disappointed in this park, as were the kids. They did enjoy Fantasmic at the end of the night. I enjoyed another great salad and my oldest had a “Power Pack” which was fruits & veggies for lunch at the park.

Sunday saw all of us at Kennedy Space Centre. The kids were pretty bored here. I remember this being alot better when I was a kid 20-something years ago.

Monday was Daytona Beach. Even though every single one of us applied sunscreen…we all got burnt. the kids not too bad but my mom and I? Lobsters. But it was a magical time relaxing a beautiful white sand beaches and swimming in the Atlantic Ocean.

Tuesday was a day at Animal Kingdom. The kids liked this best even though there was still a lack of rides. The animals kept their interest. The show “It’s tough being a Bug” was pretty good. We had lunch in “Asia” where I had rice with fries (that was shared amongst all 4 of us). Here is where I say BRAVO Disney! You gave the kids (one a burger and one chicken fingers) but no fries, they got grapes and carrots. Here you had to ask for the fries and cookie as a substitute!!

We had dinner at the Golden Corral a couple of nights where I ate mostly rice & veggies, french fries and one slice of chocolate & peanut butter pie without the crust. We also had another night of dinner at home with pork chops, salad and sweet potatoes. I had yoghurt every morning, we had a fruit platter that we all shared and some oranges and apples. Mom found me some Gluten Free pretzels that I enjoyed on the plane since they didn’t have GF snacks and another (disappointing) salad at the airport today.

On our way home we had to stop at a Tim Horton’s in Stoney Creek so the littlest one could use the facilities and I ran into my old boss from 4 years ago…so I said hello. It’s a long way from our work which is downtown Toronto. I don’t think he recognized the slimmer me…I’ve been getting that alot. Even the border guard on the way into the USA had to look 3 times…it was either that or I AM that good looking *wink*wink*.

So, I did alot of walking – no formal activity – and decent eating (I regret not doing my ab exercises – I have no excuses. I could have done them). Let’s hope the scale finds me down this week. Back to the C25K tomorrow. I’m gonna be hurting. But I did get some fantastic new running clothes at the outlets!! Tomorrow – laundry. Hope to see you lighter this week!