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Toronto Foam Fest 2017 Recap

O.M.G. I’ve run the MetCon Blue (Blue Mountain), Mud Hero (Albion Hills), Mud Run (Clairville Conservation), Badass Dash (Kitchener & York), and I have to say, the Toronto Foam Fest 5K was, hands down, one of the MOST fun OCR’s I’ve raced.


I think it’s because it was not competitive. There was no timing chip. No rush to get through the obstacles. Everyone was out for the sheer fun of it. It’s been a couple of years since I raced an OCR, and although I am not at the weight I was then, I feel like my strength was better and I was better equipped for this race. Plus, it looked like a lot of fun and not too many hills!!

The race started early, and as always I chose an early race time. At the start, you run through a wall of soapy foam and straight into the conservation area. Obstacles consisted of inflatable, jumpy-bouncy-type things to jump over & slide down, there were 2 water obstacles where you maneuver through inner tubes tied together through the river and a straight run on the lily pads through the river that runs through the conservation park. There was the crawl through mud (that honestly smelled like shit, literally), bungee cord mazes, cargo net climbs, I even slid down the death drop; a 2-storey water slide from HELL.

I was on a team of 5 other ladies. What a wonderful group. Some of us had only just met that morning. For 4 of them, it was their first OCR.

Some social media comments were that the shuttles took too long – we didn’t have a problem as we were so early in the morning. Some complained of the ruts in the ground – Listen, you chose to run a trail OCR in the middle of a conservation park. You should expect uneven ground. *Mental Head Slap*

I think this face sums up the whole experience. I had an amazing time. The medal was stunning and colourful as was the towel – a neat idea.

If you are thinking about trying this race, I highly recommend it. Now, which race is my next victim?? Muah ah ah!!




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Weight Watchers Week 17

I think it’s week 17. I last weighed in right before Christmas on December 21 and was even – I maintained from the last couple weeks. I missed a week over Christmas and due to lots of snacking/food and T.O.M. – I’m up 2.3 lbs. GAH!

You know what though? Unlike years past, I’m not beating myself up for it. I’m not feeling guilty for it. I’m picking myself up and dusting myself off and getting back on track. There’s no horse or wagon. I’m abandoning those. By saying that I feel like this isn’t supposed to be a lifestyle change but a fad. So as with everything in life, I’m rolling with it and doing something about it.

Even though I’ve been sick – I hit the dreamill Jan 1, 2 & 3. I sacrificed Jan 4 for sleep and was back on last night. Last night was another milestone for me in my attempt to run a full 5K without stopping (first goal) and then better my pace/time (second goal). Last night I was able to run in 5/1.5 intervals. I ran for 5 mins and walked for 90 seconds for 3.5 km. Hold on while I pat myself on the back! Celebratory drink!

Now – all I want to do is run another OCR. I’m dying to get into an obstacle race…The 5K Foam Fest is one I haven’t tried yet…or the Polar Rush in February.

Go out there and CRUSH some goals! I’ll be right behind you cheering you on.