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A shoe obsessed mom's Weight Watchers Journey with Celiac Disease

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I am Pretty…Strong

Wow. Last week’s cheeky post garnered a lot of responses on my Facebook link. Thank you to all who commented. Thank you all for the advice, and workout dates we have set up.

I DO notice the fit of my clothes is different. Today I am wearing a work-branded golfing-type vest. When purchased last summer it was snug so I never bothered to use the zipper. Now, it’s loose. My pants? They keep falling down. I’ve measured – another 2″ off my waist!

The weight is slow to come off. I know. Today I weighed in and was down 0.4 lbs for a total of 16.8 lbs. The difference this time around from the last time I was on Weight Watchers? One is I was unaware of my Celiac Disease and two, I work out like mad now where as before all I did was run. With not knowing about my disease, my body wasn’t retaining the nutrients it needed. I was able to lose the weight easily, but I wasn’t healthy. Now, my body has repaired the damage and I retain the nutrients (good and bad), so the weight loss is slower. Second, muscle weighs more than fat, I know. This is why this time, I am also tracking measurements. I see me getting leaner, even if it’s not lighter.

Some days I have to force myself to go to the gym. Some days I’m dying to get there. I love following a couple of strong women on Instagram and seeing the exercises they post; and imitating them in class (the ladies in Boot Camp don’t like me much though).  I have a confession; I love lifting!! I have become obsessed with working my upper body (I actually have a pretty strong lower body) and core (even though I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, Strongly dislike core exercises).  I love feeling the struggle as I add more weight and push against the resistance until I just can’t do it any more. What a high!!

So, as I plan out my week of kids activities (hockey & soccer) and exercises for myself, what will you be doing?




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Weight Watchers Week 6

PHEW!! What an utterly exhausting, busy week!!  Last Friday I left work at noon. Hubby and I hopped in the car and began the 461 km, 5 hour drive to Cleveland, OH, USA

for Game 1 & 2 of the American League Championship Series. We drove home after the Toronto Blue Jays LOST on Saturday and made it home around 2am.

I was up the next morning cleaning and cutting up veggies for a Steeped Tea ParTEA that I was hosting on Sunday. Monday morning i left early to drive 1+ hours north to facilitate a training session on Global Compensation at our plant in Aurora. Tuesday I was at another plant of ours, left work early to go to Game 4 which the Blue Jays won.

Wednesday was busy with early morning meetings for a committee I head up and leaving work early so the Jays could lose Game  5 and the ALCS. Thursday was another early morning meeting of a Women in Print presentation back in Aurora and tomorrow I am facilitating another training session in the morning at a different plant near the airport. Evening will see Hockey AND soccer practice for the girls and then girls night out. What I really need in a night in to sleep.

I did rush up to WW on Wednesday at lunch to weigh-in knowing I was headed to the Jays game with my Big Brother. I was down, -3.3 for a total of 10.8 so far.

Food was good this week. I made wise choices without depriving myself. While I wasn’t at the gym or in the basement gym, I did fit in a HIIT while sick with a cold and we walked everywhere in Cleveland. We never once took the car out of the Valet. We explored the waterfront, the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and had our photo taken at the “Cleveland” sign. Unfortunately, my FitBit died and I can’t find my charging cord (*crying*).

Tonight was 30 mins on the dreadmill and a 45 min arms session with the Arnold exercises with a couple more added in for good luck. I may not be able to lift my drink tomorrow…

My goal this week; more activity.




EDIT: After a week of searching, I bit the bullet and bought a new FitBit Charging cord. Then my husband found mine 3 days later. Of course. *eye rolling* 

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Weight Watchers Week 3

Week 3 and I’m down 1.9; Total 6.2. NSV today: i put on a pair of red jeans I’d been avoiding because they were getting a little *snug* and today, they weren’t!!

The first full week back was a tough one. Weight Watchers updated their site so all my previous recipes and favorites were no longer saved. This week was a week of searching out the point value of foods (Costco Kirkland 1/4 lb burger patty raw), and all my GF Foods.

So, world-wide web, I could use some suggestions: As someone with Celiac Disease, I find weekends my toughest. Why? My weekdays are structured. I have my juice with Green Matcha Tea (6SP), my Danone Oikos yogurt (4SP) added with 1/8C of GF Oats and 1/8C of sliced almonds (4SP), and my tea. At 10 am, its my fruit. At lunch – I usually research a GF Lunch and go out to get it. I have my veggies (Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots) along with my Fontaine mini hummus 57g (4SP) for my afternoon snack around 2:30. I have my dinner and workout and small snack in the evening. Now, weekends…I wake up whenever, still have my juice & green tea, my tea, maybe some toast (4SP) then out for the day and eat again at dinner and snack at night. What can I do on my weekends so that I DON’T fall off the WW Wagon??

I realize my OJ is 6SP, but I really enjoy having it with my Steeped Tea Green Matcha (Sweet Strawberry or Lemon) in the morning. I haven’t been sick with a cold in forever (knock on wood).

As for activity, I earned 68 points last week. That’s without a gym. It’s amazing how flexible I still am even though I haven’t been as active as I was when I was last on the program. I think it’s because I always kept some activity in my life. I think it helped me maintain in the 240’s rather than creeping all the way back up to the 250’s. I feel great after a treadmill run (let’s not even talk about the outside run). I’ve learned how to stream from our cloud drive and log into my You Tube to watch my videos saved for later.

Now, if I could only get rid of the migraines….

Have a great week.



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Weight Watchers; Take 2

Welcome Back!  I know, I’m sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I wanted to share my news with you that I am back in the WW program and back to my exercising.

To start, if you remember, I was successful on weight watchers a few years ago. I lost 70 lbs in 2 years, only to spend the next 3 putting 60 back on. Last week, I took the Groupon I bought (months ago) and re-joined weight watchers after a 3-year hiatus. My starting weight this time 245.2. The good news; it’s 10.5 lbs less than when I started WW in Sept 2011. Not all bad.

So, Week 1. I was down 4.3 lbs this week. When I stopped using the WW plan 3 years ago it was the”PointsPlus” system. Since December 2015, it’s Smart Points. I’ve started at 38 daily, (no lower than 30, 26 on PP), 42 weekly (49 on PP) and now I have to earn 35 activity points per week. Week one, I earned 83 activity points. I didn’t use all my weeklies, but I struggled with fuelling after all my dailies were gone. I was used to the old system where I earned activity and could eat activity points. The plus side, the WW app and my FitBit app are synced so I don’t have to track in 2 places manually.

Needless to say, I went back to my Wednesday meeting tonight and spoke to the leader about the activity points and re-fuelling. She advised me to use my weeklies to re-fuel, or to use any activity points over 21 (the first 21 are “well being” points) or when I have had an intense session and need to re-fuel. Makes sense.

Lets see how this week goes, huh?

What’s my Goal? 5% or 12.3 lbs by Christmas. 4 down, 8 to go!

Have a great week.



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Year in Review…2015

Hello. It’s me. I was wondering if after all these months you’d like to read, about me. Snicker…thanks Adele for letting me “borrow” you’re opening lines…

So, it’s been a while. Looking back to my last post, I did eventually create that home gym; although I didn’t fix the basement wall…I knew it will take me forever to do that and it was just another excuse standing in my way. My friend K became a certified personal trainer and came over to give me training tips. I admit, I did it for quite a few months and then gave up.

Work has been going very well, I am enjoying my job immensely. I am a stand alone HR person with multiple locations. I’ve headed some projects and travelled to Montreal a few times to work on committees. I am really looking forward to what the new year will bring!

I got really depressed this summer. The moods became quite dark. I reached out to my family doctor who put me back on the meds and sent me for counselling…too bad the appointment wasn’t for another 6 months. In the meantime, I kept to the promise I made to myself and didn’t partake in any of the obstacle races that I had become so fond of, nor did I return to kickboxing. Instead, I chose to walk. I downloaded Map My Walk by Under Armour. My youngest had soccer practices on Tuesdays & Thursdays and when I took her to those, I walked. In April, (when I remembered to turn the app on) I logged 21km, May 5km, June 14.5km , July 15.5km, August 13.5km, and September 7 km. My longest walk was 9.4 km in 1.5 hours, that was taking it super slow at the end to cool down. I lost my poor little Fitbit Zip somewhere on the subway or at the hospital. Lucky for me, my wonderful family gave me a new Fitbit Charge HR for Christmas this year.

Hubby participated in the Grand Slam Charity Baseball Tourney supporting the Toronto East General Hospital with his company, we met baseball greats like Jose Canseco, Robbie Alomar, David Justice, Jessie Barfield, Mookie Wilson….so many more. It was an amazing and humbling experience.

I had another MRI and follow-up in September with my specialist and they have said the “spots” have not grown and are Focal Nodular Hyperplasia’s and I can move to MRI’s in 3 years. I have responded very well to the Gluten Free diet as the blood work shows zero antibodies.

Mom was told this year her Multiple Myeloma is no longer smoldering (“inactive” in easy-speak). She started treatments and, after a couple of bumps, is responding very well to the treatments. This is not a curable cancer, but a very manageable one. While the wait times with her specialist are LONG (one was about 7 hours), this is one of the foremost specialists in this type of cancer, we’ll wait (as frustrating as it is).

On Canada Day, we got to see Walk Off the Earth at a free concert in Brampton, ON. In September, I took A to her very first concert ever, Ed Sheeran. I went to my very first Madonna concert ever in October. I was on the floor, 6 chairs from the stage. What an experience.

We also got caught up in Toronto Blue Jays fever. My husband and I attended Game 5 of the ALDS – WOW, what a game. Of course, it was disappointing that we lost in the ALCS, but there is always next year.

My kids are well into their sports. E is still playing her rep soccer in winter and summer and A is playing girls hockey in winter and co-ed in summer. She had a few teammates join her this summer for co-ed hockey.

We went on a cruise, the four of us, in December. We boarded the Norwegian Escape (OMG – this ship was AWESOME!!) on December 5. We ported in St. Thomas (US Virgin Islands), Tortola (British Virgin Islands) and Nassau (Bahamas). Our underwater camera broke in St. Thomas while snorkelling and the GoPro managed to capture only my snorkel masked face and not the 1.5 hours snorkel…there’s always next year. We cruise from the Norwegian Getaway in December.

Christmas was hurried as we scrambled to shop after returning from the cruise. It was unseasonably warm here in Southern Ontario, everyone was commenting how it didn’t feel like Christmas. Most of my house wasn’t decorated to its usual extent. I even took down a tree – my hubby would tell you that the tree in the basement hasn’t been taken down in 4 years and I don’t turn it on in the off-season and call it a ficus and since we weren’t hosting Christmas this year, we didn’t need it.

My awesome company closes its doors a noon on Christmas Eve and gives us all a holiday until the new year. I don’t have to take vacation and I get paid for it. I am VERY grateful that I get to work where I do. I’ve been with some horrible bosses and equally horrible companies (from my perspective, of course).

New Years was spent with new friends in our downtown listening to live music and watching the fireworks. Mom was in Alberta visiting my younger brother and his beautiful family.

Things learned this year, I don’t put myself first enough (if ever), I lack confidence, I am good at my profession, and I am done putting other people first when they don’t value me the same way.

My New Years Goals for 2016? To be Happy and put myself first. I will learn to be more confident and use the voice I have.

I wish all of you a very Happy New Year, filled with love and happiness that you all deserve.



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Creating a Home Gym

I’m lucky enough to live in a house where I have some extra space. In this extra space, I’d like to create a Home Gym. If you know me, you know I never do things half-asked. I’m doing quite a bit of research.

So far, I’ve managed to pick up:

1. a treadmill ($120 from a family member who was moving)

2. a Bowflex (hubby picked this up for $50 from Kijiji)

3. a standing punching bag ($50 from a local Facebook swap group)

4. a TRX

5. a Bosu

6. various handweights

7. jump rope

8. resistance bands

9. kettlebells

10. stability ball

The room I have in mind is in the basement and is a concrete floor with a leak in the foundation wall. At the moment, I need to remove the drywall & insulation (and almost certain the studs) to fix the leak and re-do the wall.

I want to paint the room a bright colour and paint a chalkboard calendar so I can write out daily workout schedule. I also want to purchase inexpensive wall mirrors and a bar to help with stretching (I think I can go to the re-use store and get a small, straight piece if stair rail to use for this). I’d like to set up a small TV and DVD Player to play some of my videos and maybe to watch TV when I’m on the treadmill.

My inspiration, this room from IHeartOrganizing that I found on Pinterest:


I like the shelf above the treadmill where she keeps her iPad and the IKEA EKBY brackets she uses to hold the yoga mats, genius!

Wishful thinking to add to my room is pull-up bar, stationary bike, elliptical machine and the shoulder pull-down bar extension kit for the bowflex. Is there anything else you think I might need?

Wish me luck in this newest adventure…I’ll post the AFTER pictures when complete.



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Happy Birthday to me…2015

January 31. My 38th Birthday.  It was uneventful day. I mean, lets face it, the older we get birthday’s mean a lot less. It was a typical Saturday – 2+ hours at the hockey rink followed by a mad dash to the soccer centre and then home.

Once home, I turned on the fireplace and layed down on the loveseat and snuggled in for a nice long nap. I woke up, had dinner with mom, hubby & kids, some Gluten Free Dufflet Cake and a Dufflet Lemon Tart and then a visit with friends.

My in-laws and mom gave me some money as a gift (it can pay for those shoes I ordered online Friday at work on impulse). You can forget about diamonds and jewelry, my wonderful Hubby & my girls got me a BOSU for my birthday!!! WOO HOO!! I’m lucky. Now that  I have my TRX and my Bosu, I am getting more and more itchy to finish the empty room in the basement to make a real home gym, but I think I’ll enjoy the rest of Super Bowl Sunday relaxing.

Happy Birthday to me.




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Happy New Year 2015

Today is the first blank page in a book filled with 365 blank pages. What will my story look like?

I’m not making new years resolutions…I’m going to continue with my weight loss and healthy lifestyle journey while trying to figure out this Celiac Disease thing in the most fabulous shoes I can afford to buy (without feeling guilty about it).

What will your story be?



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Year in Review: 2014

If you remember, 2014 did not start off that great. I had the flu the minute I woke up on New Years Day 2014.

In March, I switched jobs. In hindsight, I should have trusted my gut instincts and not made the move. More about why, later.

May saw me travel to Alberta for work. I was lucky enough to be able to stay with and visit my younger brother & his family while I was there for work. I landed home on a Friday night at 9:30 and left Saturday morning for Miami for a week long vacation in the Western Caribbean aboard the MSC Divina leaving from Miami.

After that, I was exhausted. The exercise was all over the place in the beginning of the new job as my hours went from 8-4 to 10:30-7. This wreaked havoc on my body clock along with my food clock.

Things picked up in June as I started to get out for runs and use the Nike Training App (NTC). I challenged myself to run 26 km in July, doubling my June total and I ran 26.97 km. July was also the first race of the season with the MetCon Blue at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, ON. There were little photographs of the event and the obstacles were very few and cheesy.

In August, I ran the York Region Bad Ass Dash and fell on the back side of the “mountain”, spraining my ankle. This sidelined my August running goal. Although it did not stop me from training my upper body using the bowflex and modified push-ups.

September saw me run the Kitchener Bad Ass Dash in the rain. I was cautious as my ankle was still sore. But this one I finished. Phew. This was a hard one. I ran another 26.9 km this month.

By this point, work started to get me down as were some toxic people in my life. I decided that I was not going to race in 2015 choosing to re-focus my energy on me. October saw one run and the 5km CIBC Run for the Cure. I was supposed to run this race with a number of people but a couple back out and the others left me alone to go elsewhere. My beautiful girls woke up early that morning and decided to run with me. We started the race at a slow jog alternating between jogging and walking. My oldest gave every police officer on the course a high-five, putting smiles on all their faces. I cried uncontrollably at the end. October also saw me start going to K’s PiYO classes once a week on Thursdays. I hurt for 4 days after. It’s not hurting as bad, but I’m still stiff.

In November, I was sent to two locations at work in Alberta and Manitoba. By this time, I was really unhappy at work. The promises that cemented my reason to leave my former job had not materialized – and were never going to – and the purpose of hiring someone like myself was to help promote and facilitate change within their corporate culture. My boss knew I was unhappy asking me to stay, telling me we would do it together, it would get better, etc.

December saw me leave that company. Mid-December, my DH and I went to New York City. Not without having missed our flights due to a snowstorm. Then being re-booked for later that day, only to have the flight cancelled. We decided to make the most of it. We got our money back for the flights, cancelled our rental car and got a refund and decided to drive through the night. We arrived in Secaucus, NJ at 9am. After a shower and breakfast, we hopped on the NJ Transit and arrived at the Port Authority Bus Station. We walked nearly 50 km that weekend. I got to see Times Square, Rockerfeller Plaza, Central Park, Bryant Park, Empire State Building, FAO Schwartz – all decorated for Christmas, and at night all lit up!! It was very exciting and fun.

Christmas was a small gathering of my in-laws, SIL, her BF and one niece and my Mom, DH and my girls. On Tuesday before Christmas I took my oldest daughter to the public Library to get a biography on Bobby Orr and picked up 5 books for myself. I finished all of these before the week was up.

Today, I weighed myself. I am ashamed of myself. I am upset and angry at myself. But I am not surprised. I am up. 45lbs from my lowest. My DH bought me a TRX for Christmas. Since I am not yet working, I will attempt to repair the leaks in the outside wall of the basement (hopefully it’s rod holes from the foundation) and replace the wall so that I can complete the “activity room” and get the bowflex, dreadmill, TRX, etc. set up again.

New Years is a couple days away, we’re headed to E’s house. We’ll come home with the kids after the ball drops. I’m not much of a drinker anymore, no desire. Strangely enough, I have no desire to eat M&M’s anymore either.

Cheers to a happy, healthy 2015.