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A shoe obsessed mom's Weight Watchers Journey with Celiac Disease

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2017 Year in Review

It’s been a few busy months since I posted. I have about 30 drafts that I was too busy to finish. However, it’s after midnight on a Wednesday and I committed to finishing this one!

2017 was a rollercoaster year.

I started the year off on Weight Watchers, but after a 25 lb. weight loss, I convinced myself it wasn’t working. In all honesty, I feel like I sabotaged myself from a comment DH made. Excuses.

I’ve been helping my mom downsize and get her house prepared to sell – anyone looking for a beautifully remodeled 4,000 sq. ft. home in the GTA??

I feel like I’m finally in a good place at work. In 2018, I would like to do more professional and personal learning.

In August we drove to Atlantic City, NJ for a vacation with friends and their boys. The weather was amazing, the beach was amazing. I’d go back.

In October, my gym membership lapsed, and my DH and I went to Vegas with 2 other couple friends to celebrate our (the ladies) 40th birthdays this year. It was 2 weeks after the Vegas shooting. It was an emotional and heavy feeling to Vegas. We went to the Grand Canyon west tip and it was spectacular! I pulled my back 2 days before the trip and suffered for the next 10 weeks!!

My back is finally healed, and my kids sports take up 6 days a week. I feel like a blob. I’m exhausted all the time. I want to start back in the workouts. I really like lifting. It’s my happy place. I hate cardio. I may give the dreadmill a rest and start looking for HIIT workouts.

I joined a 12-week transformation challenge that my high school buddy Rob & his wife Michelle’s company, Trainers on Site is running. Wish me luck.

No resolutions for 2018. I have the type of personality that if I set a goal and didn’t meet it; I’d constantly beat myself up for it and add it to my list of failures and become depressed over it. I am always learning about myself, and trying to change how I see things about myself. I promote self-love & positive body-image to my baby girls, I need to practice what I preach.

Goodbye 2017. Thank you for the memories and life lessons. Cheers to a wonderful and adventurous 2018.




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Mother’s Day Presents

This morning I attended a mother’s day presentation at my youngest daughters school. She had a letter that she wrote to me that she read out loud for the whole class and all the other moms in attendance.

I was shocked at some of the things she said. She said I was a strong woman. She looked up to me; I’m confident and I show her every day what it’s to be a strong woman. I teach her to be beautiful by loving yourself.

*insert sobbing, blubbering mess*

It just goes to prove, they’re always listening to what we say and do, even if we think they aren’t.

A student who was “escorting” me to the holding room (aka, library) told me my daughter was one of the nicest people shes met.

I’m doing something right. Even when I thought I was doing it all wrong.




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I shoulda stayed in bed


This morning (last night actually), I shoulda stayed in bed. I stopped at Tim Horton’s for a steeped tea. I drank it when I got home. I think it was actually coffee (which I don’t like) but I couldn’t be sure because I can’t taste anything with this cold. *shrug*

This morning, I peeled myself out of bed. I got ready – NSV; I’m wearing a top and jeans ONE SIZE SMALLER today – and looked at the time. Damn. I needed to leave the house 5 mins ago. Except that A asked for a drive to school this am. I need to go to the bank to pay daycare. I don’t have my lunch/snacks/tea yet. Damn. Ok kids – out the door. We have time to hit the ATM and I will hit Tim’s on my way to work. Ha! Stupid Universe had other plans.

I drove to the bank. I went inside and the machine was out of service. The line for tellers was long. I thought, I’ll take my chances in the drive-thru. Well, once you’re in that drive-thru, you’re trapped. Then, the lady 2 cars ahead was doing ALL HER BANKING – at 8:15 am!! ARGH!! Do it online lady! Now, I’ve made the kids late for daycare/school. Rushed to drop them off, it’s now 8:30 am. I’m usually at work by 8:20. Traffic was heavy today, people breaking and going the speed limit. I mean, what’s THAT about? Don’t they know I’m late?!?!?!

I didn’t have time to stop for tea so I made one at work. Now, I sit here at my desk in common cold-induced daze. Waiting for what the rest of today brings. Hockey practice for A tonight and the gym for me.

I haven’t weighed in this week. 1. I was SO bloated on Wednesday because I think I may have glutened myself accidentally, 2. I was too busy running around Wednesday with work and kids sports and 3. I got too busy Thursday with work, being sick and the gym to go.

That being said, I have caught a cold. It’s only the beginning, but I haven’t let it stop me. I may not have weighed in, but I have been to the gym. Monday at lunch for 45 mins and again after work for an hour class. I went Wednesday for 1.5 hours and Thursday for speed intervals on the dreadmill and an hour bootcamp class. I’m trying to sweat out my cold. Maybe I should switch to Vodka.

Cheers to the weekend!!


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Timing is everything

I’m so busy at work lately and with the kids activities and remembering to call to fix the fridge and get the housework done and take my car into the shop…I keep forgetting to update here.


I started to write this post on Tuesday, the day before my weigh-in about how I’m so busy with work and the kids, I haven’t had alot of time to update. I was telling you about how I was ready to give up and cancel my Weight Watchers membership because the new plan just wasn’t working for me.

Today, I went to weigh-in at lunch, because tonight, even though E’s soccer was cancelled and I would actually be free to attend a meeting. I chose not to. I went to work out instead.

After being up last week 1.6 lbs (hence the “I’m ready to quit” temper tantrum), I’m down -3.4 lbs this week. I tracked this week in a combination of my online tracker and paper tracking…guess it does work after all.

I will repeat, I am more than a number. It’s called “beyond the scale” for a reason. I know the weight loss is SLOOOWWW, but I can see it in  the inches lost, my body leaning out, the bumps called muscles that are showing and my endurance increasing.

Here’s to not quitting!




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Goodbye 2016; Year in Review (and Weight Watchers Week 16)

I did not go to my meeting this week. On purpose. I know when I go next week I’ll probably have undone all the good in this one week that took me 15 weeks to do. But today – today is January 1 and it’s the first page in my 365 page blank book to write my story.  What will my story look like? I’m not sure. It is my story, after all. I can re-write my future. Cause those ripples in time.

I look back on my 2016 year and think not a lot happened to make it stand out. I did spend some of this past year in the dark, mentally speaking. My depression was taking me to a very bleak place. I reached out and asked my doctor for help. If you know me, asking for help is like me not swearing in traffic. Very difficult.

I spent time with my family this year, swimming in the yard, playing with the kids.

Enjoying time with my husband as we went to Blue Jay games, hopping in the car to follow said Toronto Blue Jays to Cleveland. Going on our cruise.

I applied for a promotion at work and got it.

I’ve investigated my headaches (which have been great these past couple months).

Meeting new people and being able to call them friends.

Most of all, I think I found some of my confidence this year. I KNOW I’m not perfect, but I am damn good at what I do for a living. My kids seem to be decent human beings (most of the time).

After my dad passed away, I was petrified of my mom getting sick again. I didn’t know if I could handle it alone. However, when the inevitable happened back in March, I learned I CAN handle it. I also learned I didn’t have to do it alone. When I said the word, my big brother was there, every step of the way with me. Even my younger brother was with me as we texted our sick humour to get through the time.

I am so thankful for my wonderful husband and kids; my mom and my brothers, nieces & nephews, grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins; my BFF’s, hockey & soccer families; my memories of my dad; my SIL’s bone marrow transplant was a success and she is still here shining her bright light on all of us.

I won’t make resolutions. I’m going to make plans and write down goals. Some I’ll achieve and some I won’t. I promise though, to always be, Me. (shush, that’s not a threat!!).

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope you are all blessed with love, light & happiness. Always remember how loved you are.



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Weight Watchers Week 12

I’m a couple of days late…it’s been pretty hectic around home and work. I ran up to WW on Wednesday afternoon for WI Day, I was prepared to accept my gain for reasons I own (unfortunate accident with chocolate disappearing – into my tummy) and “that time”. I was surprised to find I was down 1.8 lbs for a total of 15.9 lbs to date.

My activity last week netted me 101 FitPoints, 191 minutes of activity and 60K steps. Last week Thursday was American Thanksgiving. I had a half day at work on Friday. My first thought was – I’ll head to the mall and do some Christmas shopping but then it dawned on me – Black Friday. No thanks. Guess what I did instead? I went to the gym for 2 hours! I was the only woman in there among all these older men. I didn’t care, nor did I let it intimidate me. I ran the dreadmill and used all the machines!

I’m making progress all over the place.

Going into my weigh-in, I thought to my self, “Self, no matter what this says, I already won this week.”  Now, I know you’re asking me why. It’s because I crushed some major goals this week. I managed to get over a hurdle with my C25K App, I realized that I can do things with my body that I couldn’t do before (get your mind out of the gutter) such as those PiYO/Yoga moves. Rather than a single leg dog – I used to look like “dog peeing on hydrant”. Now, I can perform these moves well and hold for a period of time.

More progress.

I’m not living my life on the scale, although it’s been a positive side effect. I’m now running for almost 30 mins straight, seeing my pace get faster, seeing my flexibility increase and seeing the muscles more than the jiggle. It’s been said it before; the number on the scale is only my numerical effect on gravity; it doesn’t show you that I am beautiful, and loved, and awesome.

Have a great week – I know I will.



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Weight Watchers Week 11

WI Day….down 2.3 for a total of 14.1. More than 5% of my body weight GONE! Ah, Ba-Bye!

I can already hear you asking; “Steph, what did you do differently this week?” and I’ll respond: TRACKING! I tracked my food (even the GF/Nut free Cheesecake that R always makes and is Ah-MAZING!!) and I also stepped up the fitness. Last week netted me 73 FitPoints; this week I was back up to 101 FitPoints and 62.5K steps.

I had a conversation with M at work (no, not M from James Bond, silly). She’s been jogging with a “learn to run” group in her town via The Running Room. We chatted about her progress and how I feel stalled. I use a C25K app to build up the endurance. I felt stuck on this one set/day that I was on. Picture this, I’m at the gym; I get on the dreadmill; I pick the random hill mode and off I go (ha – atleast picture me slim and gorgeous with my long flowing blonde hair, without knots, sweat and missing eyebrows that I rubbed off). In this mode, the dreadmill changes the incline randomly to give me the most of the run. I had read an article a little while ago that said to get the benefits of being on a dreadmill, you need to be at minimum 1% incline. So after this chat with M, I went to the gym at the rec centre while A practiced and hit the dreadmill at a 1% incline following my C25K app which had alternating intervals of 90 seconds run, 90 seconds walk; 3 minutes run, 3 minutes walk plus warm-up and cool down for 5 mins each. I hadn’t been able to complete this day on the hill mode, but I crushed it on 1% incline. Not just on Friday – but on Sunday too!! Woo Hoo! Friday I also did a circuit of arms for an hour, Sunday I did a little bit of legs (practice was shorter Sunday). Man, was I sore this weekend.

I picked up new runners and orthotics and now I have to get used to them. I tried a the same run from above last night with the new equipment and lasted just over 8 minutes before putting on my Saucony’s to finish out my mostly walk. Then  I moved to arms and core with the bowflex, TRX and Bosu. Man, this is fun (even though I hate running).

Next week – lets see if I can earn 117 FitPoints and 63K steps…challenge accepted.



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Weight Watchers Week 9

WI day, down -2.5 for a total of 12.5 lbs.

This week was a tough one. I raided the kids Halloween bag more than once. I mean, this wasn’t mom stole A candy. It was ‘mom took ALL the Caramilk’. On Tuesday I messaged my fellow WW A. I wanted to quit, give in and give up so badly. I couldn’t do this anymore. I’m starving. She gave me words of encouragement and a Ryan Gosling meme that got me through the day. Admittedly, on Tuesday, every meal consisted of cocoa, milk and mint (pronounced York Peppermint Patties).

I know, you’re now scratching your head and saying, “but Steph, you were down this week!”. The secret is I busted my butt on fitness. My feet, shins & knees have been sore so I moved from the dreadmill to the bike (on a side note, I went and got a prescription for orthotics and was fitted for them last week). I pushed myself to use machines I’ve never used before. I went to the basement and did the Tony Horton 22 Minutes Hard Corps workouts. Oh, and I mowed my lawn for 3 hours. Yes we have a large yard, but usually it doesn’t take more than an hour or so to mow. Truth is, I haven’t mowed the lawn for months and it was REALLY long. I earned 116 FitPoints last week, 262 minutes of activity and nearly 62K steps.

My goal for this week…track my food and focus on the healthier options. Could you imagine what that loss could have been with all that fitness and no chocolate?? I want to find out 🙂

Have a great week! Cheers,


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Weight Watchers Week 8

I’m into Week 8 of a 3 month Groupon that will end December 13. This week I was up 1.7. I totally own it. We had a Halloween party and C told me about the amazing dip – and I may have eaten a little (way) more than I should have.


Then it was Halloween night and my little one, E kept bringing me candy she knew I liked. Ok – so maybe I could’ve politely refused, but it was my favorite candy!!

Needless to say – I stepped up my game this past week. My activity points hit an all-time high of 101 and my steps reached an all-time high of 63061! I chose to go to the gym at lunch when I knew my nights were busy. I went for 1.5 hours when A had hockey practice. That was the night my run was slightly derailed as the elderly gentleman on the treadmill beside me wanted to chat with me. So, we talked about his practice (accounting for 37 years), how he went back to school 3 years ago for a fine arts degree, his wife and children, etc. So I stayed on the treadmill for a bit longer after he moved to the machines. He invited me back for this week.

This week’s goal: to get back on track. Literally and figuratively. I need to be more diligent in my tracking and re-focus my food choices.

Have a great week! Cheers,



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STOP! Just. Stop.

Last weekend I took A to hockey practice. I waited to tie her skates and filled her water bottle. Once done, I scanned in and went into the gym across the hall. It was a good day. I felt good. I was in a good place.

I ran the treadmill for 30 mins and then popped onto the Hip Abducter/Adducter machine. Here, I completed 5 sets (12/10/8/8/8) starting at 50 lbs and moving up to 80 for the sets of 8. Then I hopped on to the leg press, doing the same sets keeping the weight at 180 lbs (I also added calf raises at the ends for the sets of 8).

I’m going to back up a bit here. After taking care of A and scanning into the gym but before going in the door, I walked past a group of 4 hockey moms (from another team). One looked at me, pointed and said “look, like her; look at that one”. Granted, I wasn’t involved in the conversation so i don’t really know what they were actually saying; they could be commenting on how glamorous I looked in yesterday’s makeup, compression pants, chucks and a jacket with my highschool backpack…but the tone she used leads me to believe that was not the case. I didn’t let it bother me as I went about my workout and continued on with my day.

My question is – WHY? Why are we, Why do we do this to each other? Why do we body shaming & judge each other?  We need to mind our own damn business. There are greater issues in the world; in our own countries; in our own backyards to bother with anyone else. Lady, I feel sorry for your child. That child may never know unconditional love. That child may grow up being constantly judged by you, and in turn, start judging others. Personally, I’m trying my hardest to raise decent human beings in this horrible world, and that’s all I am focused on.