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Toronto Foam Fest 2017 Recap

O.M.G. I’ve run the MetCon Blue (Blue Mountain), Mud Hero (Albion Hills), Mud Run (Clairville Conservation), Badass Dash (Kitchener & York), and I have to say, the Toronto Foam Fest 5K was, hands down, one of the MOST fun OCR’s I’ve raced.


I think it’s because it was not competitive. There was no timing chip. No rush to get through the obstacles. Everyone was out for the sheer fun of it. It’s been a couple of years since I raced an OCR, and although I am not at the weight I was then, I feel like my strength was better and I was better equipped for this race. Plus, it looked like a lot of fun and not too many hills!!

The race started early, and as always I chose an early race time. At the start, you run through a wall of soapy foam and straight into the conservation area. Obstacles consisted of inflatable, jumpy-bouncy-type things to jump over & slide down, there were 2 water obstacles where you maneuver through inner tubes tied together through the river and a straight run on the lily pads through the river that runs through the conservation park. There was the crawl through mud (that honestly smelled like shit, literally), bungee cord mazes, cargo net climbs, I even slid down the death drop; a 2-storey water slide from HELL.

I was on a team of 5 other ladies. What a wonderful group. Some of us had only just met that morning. For 4 of them, it was their first OCR.

Some social media comments were that the shuttles took too long – we didn’t have a problem as we were so early in the morning. Some complained of the ruts in the ground – Listen, you chose to run a trail OCR in the middle of a conservation park. You should expect uneven ground. *Mental Head Slap*

I think this face sums up the whole experience. I had an amazing time. The medal was stunning and colourful as was the towel – a neat idea.

If you are thinking about trying this race, I highly recommend it. Now, which race is my next victim?? Muah ah ah!!




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The Mud Run – Sunday June 2, 2013

I will start off by saying…OMG. WHAT FUN!! This was my first ever trail run/obstacle race. It was a weird day – calling for thunder showers. I arrived at E’s house and donned my purple argyle socks and waited for the others to arrive. We carpooled to the location – Claireville Ranch Conservation, and hopped on the bus to the registration area. We registered and waited for the others. Once everyone was there we made our way over to the starting/finish area. I overheard one of the official Race volunteers saying that there was swimming, which worried me since one of our teammates couldn’t swim. We learned that it was a thigh/waist deep wade through the Humber River using a guide rope. So at the start we waited, my husband, kids and parents showed up to cheer me on.


The 10K solo started. The 10K Teams started. The 5K teams started. Then it was our turn, The 5K solos lined up. I was nervous and excited. I feared the unknown. How would I do? What were the obstacles? Can I actually do this? Who will save me if I need saving?

Uh-Oh…there’s the countdown…10 seconds, 5-4-3-2-1 – the horn sounded and we were off! I heard my little girls cheering me on “GO MOMMY” so I looked over and waived as I passed them. First kilometer was down a hill then back up a steep hill – I should’ve done more hill training. I made it to 1K with only a short 30 sec. walk break.  Then it was through brush and “forest” for the second Km…at about 1.8Km I had to slow down and catch my breath. At 3K we hit the first obstacle. Crawl through a giant puddle of NASTY smelling water. I ducked under the flags not actually crawling and hit the water station. The sun was shining, but we could see the clouds in the distance. Then we hit the first stream – it was just below my waist, I went in front of J and E went behind in case she needed us. Then we came to a standstill as we had to make our way up a steep muddy slope. It had become really muddy from all the wet people fresh from the stream. Then it started to rain. We made our way up the slope grabbing trees and branches where we could and then hit the open field where the skies opened up on us and poured. No problem. At the 4K mark we hit the surprise obstacle – and the most fun. A 4o foot water slide!! J and I grabbed hands and jumped bellies first! It was AWESOME! I was going so fast I took out a teenager at the bottom – she was ok, we laughed. Unfortunately we had to climb back UP the hill. We kept going through more hilly terrain and log jumping.

We could hear the finish line and the MC…we were so close!! I was going to finish this! Then the next stream. I kind fell into it, not so gracefully I might add. Again I was in front of J and E was behind. Then once we climbed the embankment I stopped…what’s everyone looking at? Then I looked up and exclaimed “What the Fudge?”. My biggest fear was staring me in the face. The fear I kept telling E I knew I couldn’t do. It was a (not really but damned near looked like it) 90 degree hill that I had to climb by holding a rope. It was a wall of slippery mud. I deflated instantly. I wasn’t going to finish this run after all. E went ahead of me and grabbed the rope and started to pull her way up. We kept getting stopped because of the people in front of us. I could feel my arms tiring. E finally made it up. I kept slipping. I couldn’t do this. I started to panic. E could see it on my face, I almost started to cry. The awesome volunteer slipped down the slope and encouraged me to grab for a tree, so I reached out and did, he gave me a little hand and I looked up and reached out for E and made my way up. I thanked the guy, high-fived E & J and continued on.

We could hear the end; I was going to finish after all!! We broke through the trees and shimmied down the hill and grabbed each other’s hands and jumped into the mud pit. We crawled along and once out we grabbed hands again and ran together across the finish. WE DID IT!! HOLY BLEEP WE DID IT!! I DID IT!

My kids were proud, my wonderful hubby was smiling at me and I gave my dad a great big muddy hug while mom took the picture. I was exhausted and exhilarated. We posed for muddy pics, stripped my shoes off and threw them out. We hopped on the bus back to the car. Once home I took a nice long hot shower and crashed.

If I learned anything about this race or myself it’s A) next time stay at the bottom and wait for everyone ahead of you to get to the top of the rope. I can move faster and my arms won’t be as tired B) do more hill and strength training and C) I CAN DO IT!

I worked hard to get to this point. Not only by losing the weight, but also by adding all the activity. My time wasn’t what was important to me; it was the fact that I started it at all. The Warrior Dash is next.  Here’s to seeing you at the finish, but most importantly at the start!


UPDATE: We finished the race in 53:09. I was 175th  of 309 5K Solo participants. I ranked 108 of 206 women and 83rd of 163 Adult Female participants. Not bad for a first timer! I’m going to try to shave :09 off of my time for the Warrior Dash 🙂 Wish me luck!!