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I hate my guts

This weeks’ weigh in saw me down 7.5 lbs. In complete transparency, I haven’t weighed in for a couple of weeks and my body is rejecting itself.

I wasn’t feeling great Monday. People commented that I looked flushed. I left exercise class part way through because my stomach was in so much pain. I barely made it home and never made it to the washroom when the projectile vomiting hit. That was it for me for the rest of the night until Wednesday! I swear, my body was trying to vomit all my insides up. My body hated my its guts. Whatever that was, it’s now morphed into a sinus/chest cold. Today I finally feel a bit better.

I know that my 7.5 lb loss won’t be as good as it sounds when I start keeping the food down. I FEEL awful since I haven’t been eating or working out. Tonight, I’ll go outside for a walk and then grab some weights for a light sessions to ease back in.

I cancelled my WW Membership last night. I’ll finish out the month I’ve paid for. Why did I cancel? Not sure the program was really helping. I wasn’t following it or tracking in the end. I’ll take my $67/mo and buy a new scale.

Wish me luck.




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Year in Review: 2014

If you remember, 2014 did not start off that great. I had the flu the minute I woke up on New Years Day 2014.

In March, I switched jobs. In hindsight, I should have trusted my gut instincts and not made the move. More about why, later.

May saw me travel to Alberta for work. I was lucky enough to be able to stay with and visit my younger brother & his family while I was there for work. I landed home on a Friday night at 9:30 and left Saturday morning for Miami for a week long vacation in the Western Caribbean aboard the MSC Divina leaving from Miami.

After that, I was exhausted. The exercise was all over the place in the beginning of the new job as my hours went from 8-4 to 10:30-7. This wreaked havoc on my body clock along with my food clock.

Things picked up in June as I started to get out for runs and use the Nike Training App (NTC). I challenged myself to run 26 km in July, doubling my June total and I ran 26.97 km. July was also the first race of the season with the MetCon Blue at Blue Mountain in Collingwood, ON. There were little photographs of the event and the obstacles were very few and cheesy.

In August, I ran the York Region Bad Ass Dash and fell on the back side of the “mountain”, spraining my ankle. This sidelined my August running goal. Although it did not stop me from training my upper body using the bowflex and modified push-ups.

September saw me run the Kitchener Bad Ass Dash in the rain. I was cautious as my ankle was still sore. But this one I finished. Phew. This was a hard one. I ran another 26.9 km this month.

By this point, work started to get me down as were some toxic people in my life. I decided that I was not going to race in 2015 choosing to re-focus my energy on me. October saw one run and the 5km CIBC Run for the Cure. I was supposed to run this race with a number of people but a couple back out and the others left me alone to go elsewhere. My beautiful girls woke up early that morning and decided to run with me. We started the race at a slow jog alternating between jogging and walking. My oldest gave every police officer on the course a high-five, putting smiles on all their faces. I cried uncontrollably at the end. October also saw me start going to K’s PiYO classes once a week on Thursdays. I hurt for 4 days after. It’s not hurting as bad, but I’m still stiff.

In November, I was sent to two locations at work in Alberta and Manitoba. By this time, I was really unhappy at work. The promises that cemented my reason to leave my former job had not materialized – and were never going to – and the purpose of hiring someone like myself was to help promote and facilitate change within their corporate culture. My boss knew I was unhappy asking me to stay, telling me we would do it together, it would get better, etc.

December saw me leave that company. Mid-December, my DH and I went to New York City. Not without having missed our flights due to a snowstorm. Then being re-booked for later that day, only to have the flight cancelled. We decided to make the most of it. We got our money back for the flights, cancelled our rental car and got a refund and decided to drive through the night. We arrived in Secaucus, NJ at 9am. After a shower and breakfast, we hopped on the NJ Transit and arrived at the Port Authority Bus Station. We walked nearly 50 km that weekend. I got to see Times Square, Rockerfeller Plaza, Central Park, Bryant Park, Empire State Building, FAO Schwartz – all decorated for Christmas, and at night all lit up!! It was very exciting and fun.

Christmas was a small gathering of my in-laws, SIL, her BF and one niece and my Mom, DH and my girls. On Tuesday before Christmas I took my oldest daughter to the public Library to get a biography on Bobby Orr and picked up 5 books for myself. I finished all of these before the week was up.

Today, I weighed myself. I am ashamed of myself. I am upset and angry at myself. But I am not surprised. I am up. 45lbs from my lowest. My DH bought me a TRX for Christmas. Since I am not yet working, I will attempt to repair the leaks in the outside wall of the basement (hopefully it’s rod holes from the foundation) and replace the wall so that I can complete the “activity room” and get the bowflex, dreadmill, TRX, etc. set up again.

New Years is a couple days away, we’re headed to E’s house. We’ll come home with the kids after the ball drops. I’m not much of a drinker anymore, no desire. Strangely enough, I have no desire to eat M&M’s anymore either.

Cheers to a happy, healthy 2015.



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Celiac Disease: One Year Later

I came home from work like any other day. I picked up the phone to check the messages. There was a message from a Dietician at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto. She needed to see me in 2 days time to meet and discuss my new life-long diet for Celiac Disease. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease January 28, 2013. I called her back and politely told her that it would be my birthday and no way was I coming in to see her. I planned to stuff my face with as much Grandma Cake and gluten as possible on that day before I spoke to her because she was going to tell me I couldn’t have it anymore. She called me back and said fine, see you in 2 weeks.

I went to see Fiona the Dietician. I learned that I have Celiac, what Celiac is and what my new life and journey with food will need to be like. My new journey was now going to involve looking at the ingredients on food packages and lipstick. Thank goodness my MAC Lip Lustre or L’Oreal Lip Gloss don’t contain wheat! Even my toothpaste is Gluten Free.

I have to admit – this was hard to adjust to, especially with being on the weight watchers program. I have come to realize over the past year that in order to ensure something is truly GF, I need to make it myself. I need to really start to eat clean. I know there are alot of places now catering to GF, but are they as concerned about cross contamination? I have to admit, I am not as diligent as I have read some are. Yes, I have a different toaster. But no, I do not has separate utensils or knives in a block or even a cutting board for me. I use what the family uses, I wash the items and wash down the counters, etc. before putting anything away. Am I more careful? Absolutely. But I still need to live!

As you may have read in previous posts, GF food is EXPENSIVE. It is also becoming more prevalent in my supermarkets here in Canada. Although some Manufacturers don’t carry all items here (*hint Bisquick & Pilsbury*). Other than the odd baking tip I’ve picked up, there really isn’t much difference leading a GF lifestyle (except being THAT person at dinners out or over for dinner at friends houses). I’m more interested in what I put in my body (not all of it great, baby steps). There are some things I crave (not so much I am willing to make myself, like cheesecake). I have met people who have been Celiac for 20+ years, or the family has had to change for one member…all in stride. Life is what you make of it.

I met with my specialist last week. My bloodwork is good and is showing I am responding very well to the GF diet. She said that I although my gallbladder has been removed, the bile in my body likes to form stones. That means when I start feeling the pain again, chances are it’s a bile stone stuck in my common bile duct. It takes 2-3 years to form. Another ERCP may be required. You know, worse things could happen.

So, Celiac one year later; not much to tell. I’m a little poorer in my wallet, but I’m rich in love and health.




March 2014: GF Bisquick is now carried in Canada!!

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Friday Weigh In Round 5 Week 9

Well, we are coming to a close next week on Round 5. This was a summer special, 10 weeks for the price of 8. We are advertising a fall special at work for a 36 week special or the regular 26 week deal. So far I have 7 people signed up and I need 14 – for the week after next. I haven’t exactly been a star performer in the weight watchers group lately. I went up last week, 1lb. Yes, I was disappointed.

Why? Well, I trained – hard. E and I were out 3 nights last week running bootcamp. I was in the spare room-slash-home gym weight training, lunges, squats, abs, etc. To go up 1lb. huh.

Today was a rest day. Yesterday myself and 7 other friends ran the Toronto BadAss 2013 at the Chickopee Ski Hill & Resort in Kitchener, ON. I’ll have a post for that later. But I can feel the weight. I felt it running those hills yesterday. Nothing could prepare me for that. NOTHING. Tough Mudder is 10-12 miles – almost the same distance as a half marathon. Which I stupidly announce that I want to try. I want to train for a half-marathon. Starting with the Brooklyn Half Marathon in NY, USA in May; $75 for non-member of the New York Road Runners (NYRR). Shit. What have I gotten myself into now? Hopefully, I can train off the last 20lbs and surgically remove the other 10 before then?? Cripes.

There was a Gluten Free Expo this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, but hubby and I were hesitant to go. Why? Well, we paid $30 to get into the last expo and it REALLY wasn’t worth it. To be truly GF – I have learned to eat my meat (or not if you are vegetarian or vegan) and all my fruits & Veggies. If I don’t add the unhealthy, pre-packaged “foods” then I won’t have to worry about anything having gluten in it. Although to make some of my meals, or the GF sauces and breads or pastas to go with it, I may just have to quit my full-time job and devote all my time to cooking GF meals!

I was to see my gastroenterologist this past thursday at the hospital. She mentioned that low iron and B12 are indicators of celiac. I was told at a physical before I started see her that I had low B12 so I have been on B12 supplements for a couple of years. I said, “wait, Both my kids have had extremely low ferritin levels (low iron) since birth…could they be Celiac?” She said my kids have a 1 in 10 chance and that these are indicators – I should make an appointment with their family doctor to be screened. She did blood work to check my antibodies again, and signed me up for a bone density scan, since being Celiac has put me at high risk for osteoporosis. I also have Focal Nodular Hyperplasia and apparently this is almost always found “by accident”, as mine were during my first MRI when looking for the source of all my pain – these troublesome gall stones! They are a collection of blood cells and nothing ever usually happens with or to them, so she’ll send me for another MRI in two years and follow-up every 3-4 years after. All’s well that ends well. It could always be worse. Thankfully it isn’t. So when toast to my dear, dear friend Smirnoff, I am pickling my liver to keep is preserved. It’s self-preservation really. I’m doing myself a favor.

Hope to see you lighter next week.

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Friday Weigh In Round 5 Week 8

I stayed sort of on track this past week, I did drink a TON more water than normal (or manly possible, it felt like) and I started the week tracking activity points and food. I weighed in -0.4 lbs lighter.

I acquired a series of infections (I'm convinced it was from the Mud Hero). I had an eye infection, throat infection and an ear infection. I went to the walk in clinic and the doctor prescribed 3 different meds – two of which I am allergic to. It took a week but the throat and eye infections are gone but not this dang ear inflection. Problem is, it's playing havoc with my balance. Because of the whole dizzyness thing of having an inner ear infection, I haven't run since the Mud Hero. I have kept up with the weights, squats, lunges, and push-ups. On Sunday, E and I held a bootcamps for ourselves, just like K has designed for us in past. Guess what? We are SO out of shape and in SO much trouble for the BadAss Dash on September 14!!

This past weekend was my little one E's 7th birthday. Grandma made cake. She said after her little party was over (I never have a “birthday” party but always have family-like close friends and family over) she said it was the best birthday party ever and that it would've been better if Grandpa could've come. She did her little two fingers to the eyes and pointed them at the sky like the two of them used to do to each other. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him. We went shopping with Mom at Costco, and I noticed the pants he likes were there. I turned around to say “hey dad”, only to remember he'll never be there when I turn around again. The crying has lessened (except at this very moment). It's either very short bursts of a bloody sobbing mess.

Anyway, I tried the Udis gluten free cinnamon rolls the other week. I would give my right arm for CinnaBon right now. I'd give anything for a piece of Grandma Cake, or grandma cookies, oooo or her homemade butter tarts… The Udis stuff was DRY and gritty – not a fan. Although I did try the Glutino frozen pizza crust, I toasted it up in the toaster oven and added a bit of margarine and gluten free lunch meats and it was good. It was a nice quick “meal” as I worked late tonight and the family ate without me. It was surprisingly filing. I daren't calculate the points though. It seems all the gluten free stuff is loaded in carbs and not enough fibre. That's what he fruits and veggies are for, huh?

Hubby quit smoking just over a month ago (YEAH!!). He'd previously quit for 9 months when I quit back in 2002 but went back due to stress. He's now taking his lunches to work and asking about working out with me (I love this). So proud of him.

This weekend is the BadAss Dash. I'm suited up with my Bad Ass socks and we're having custom team t-shirts made. I'm excited and a little scared. 7K and 30 obstacles (or is it 21)? Strength wise I know I am ready, cardio? Not so confident. Blame it on the cold…

Hope to see you lighter next week.


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Friday Weigh In Round 4 Week 3

This week was not a bad week. I was up 0.4 lbs. I’m not surprised or disappointed. I was SICK.  I woke up Sunday feeling awful. My head hurt, my face hurt, my hair hurt, I couldn’t breathe. Needless to say exercise and food weren’t as high on my priority list as much as sleeping was.

I skipped Kickboxing on Monday and stayed in bed for the next 2 days. Finally by Wednesday afternoon I had slept enough and the fever broke that I went to Kickboxing, although admittedly I did not participate as vigorously as I normally would given I could barely breathe through my cold. But I went. Normally in a week I can earn upwards of 50+ activity points and this past week I was lucky to earn 16. I did my C25K Week 2 Day 1 yesterday – it was a struggle given the breathing thing – but I did it. I even did 15 mins of a Core Pilates workout on my Android from a FREE app called “Workout Trainer” by Skimble.  I also use the “NIKE Training Club” (NTC) and NIKE + or “Running” which is a running GPS app (both are free).

This week we were challenged to two things: 1) try one new fruit or vegetable we have never tried before and 2) do something new. So, I will look a little harder at my local supermarket for a fruit or veggie I have never tried before AND I might even try cooking fish (BTW, I HATE seafood, except canned tuna which doesn’t count because it’s in a can). I was even thinking of cooking some shrimp for the hubby since I know he likes it (thanks to C. in our meeting for this tip to cook it using lemon juice, dill and minced garlic). Does anyone have any healthy recipes they want to share? Would you like me to share some of mine?

I hope to see you lighter next week.