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A shoe obsessed mom's Weight Watchers Journey with Celiac Disease


Look at that view!

No, silly. I’m not talking about me (this time)!! I was away for work, and while these were long exhausting days cramming meetings in from 8am-11pm, we had a couple of hours in the mid-afternoon. The hotel was 2 km away so I went back and popped into the hotel fitness centre.

No Excuses.  I mean – look at the view!! I bought my TRX and resistance bands. I used the bench & free weights along with their treadmill and trail by the lake. I took the stairs to my fourth floor room.

I forgot what running outside without the momentum of the treadmill belt was like. Even if i do run with a slight incline on the treadmill.

I made sure to make good choices. I chose salads, veggies and omelets; protein like steak and chicken. I went to Wal-Mart and bought fruit, veggies and nuts for snacks. Some of my pants keep falling off or fitting loose. I haven’t stepped on a scale. a couple of Tuesday’s ago, I tried a Zumba class with a fellow soccer mom and neighbour. It was my first time trying Zumba. I sweated buckets and looked like a fool. It was alot of fun.

I’m back to work and I am exhausted. I’m also very content. Peaceful.





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Weight Watchers Week 11

WI Day….down 2.3 for a total of 14.1. More than 5% of my body weight GONE! Ah, Ba-Bye!

I can already hear you asking; “Steph, what did you do differently this week?” and I’ll respond: TRACKING! I tracked my food (even the GF/Nut free Cheesecake that R always makes and is Ah-MAZING!!) and I also stepped up the fitness. Last week netted me 73 FitPoints; this week I was back up to 101 FitPoints and 62.5K steps.

I had a conversation with M at work (no, not M from James Bond, silly). She’s been jogging with a “learn to run” group in her town via The Running Room. We chatted about her progress and how I feel stalled. I use a C25K app to build up the endurance. I felt stuck on this one set/day that I was on. Picture this, I’m at the gym; I get on the dreadmill; I pick the random hill mode and off I go (ha – atleast picture me slim and gorgeous with my long flowing blonde hair, without knots, sweat and missing eyebrows that I rubbed off). In this mode, the dreadmill changes the incline randomly to give me the most of the run. I had read an article a little while ago that said to get the benefits of being on a dreadmill, you need to be at minimum 1% incline. So after this chat with M, I went to the gym at the rec centre while A practiced and hit the dreadmill at a 1% incline following my C25K app which had alternating intervals of 90 seconds run, 90 seconds walk; 3 minutes run, 3 minutes walk plus warm-up and cool down for 5 mins each. I hadn’t been able to complete this day on the hill mode, but I crushed it on 1% incline. Not just on Friday – but on Sunday too!! Woo Hoo! Friday I also did a circuit of arms for an hour, Sunday I did a little bit of legs (practice was shorter Sunday). Man, was I sore this weekend.

I picked up new runners and orthotics and now I have to get used to them. I tried a the same run from above last night with the new equipment and lasted just over 8 minutes before putting on my Saucony’s to finish out my mostly walk. Then  I moved to arms and core with the bowflex, TRX and Bosu. Man, this is fun (even though I hate running).

Next week – lets see if I can earn 117 FitPoints and 63K steps…challenge accepted.



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Creating a Home Gym

I’m lucky enough to live in a house where I have some extra space. In this extra space, I’d like to create a Home Gym. If you know me, you know I never do things half-asked. I’m doing quite a bit of research.

So far, I’ve managed to pick up:

1. a treadmill ($120 from a family member who was moving)

2. a Bowflex (hubby picked this up for $50 from Kijiji)

3. a standing punching bag ($50 from a local Facebook swap group)

4. a TRX

5. a Bosu

6. various handweights

7. jump rope

8. resistance bands

9. kettlebells

10. stability ball

The room I have in mind is in the basement and is a concrete floor with a leak in the foundation wall. At the moment, I need to remove the drywall & insulation (and almost certain the studs) to fix the leak and re-do the wall.

I want to paint the room a bright colour and paint a chalkboard calendar so I can write out daily workout schedule. I also want to purchase inexpensive wall mirrors and a bar to help with stretching (I think I can go to the re-use store and get a small, straight piece if stair rail to use for this). I’d like to set up a small TV and DVD Player to play some of my videos and maybe to watch TV when I’m on the treadmill.

My inspiration, this room from IHeartOrganizing that I found on Pinterest:


I like the shelf above the treadmill where she keeps her iPad and the IKEA EKBY brackets she uses to hold the yoga mats, genius!

Wishful thinking to add to my room is pull-up bar, stationary bike, elliptical machine and the shoulder pull-down bar extension kit for the bowflex. Is there anything else you think I might need?

Wish me luck in this newest adventure…I’ll post the AFTER pictures when complete.



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Happy Birthday to me…2015

January 31. My 38th Birthday.  It was uneventful day. I mean, lets face it, the older we get birthday’s mean a lot less. It was a typical Saturday – 2+ hours at the hockey rink followed by a mad dash to the soccer centre and then home.

Once home, I turned on the fireplace and layed down on the loveseat and snuggled in for a nice long nap. I woke up, had dinner with mom, hubby & kids, some Gluten Free Dufflet Cake and a Dufflet Lemon Tart and then a visit with friends.

My in-laws and mom gave me some money as a gift (it can pay for those shoes I ordered online Friday at work on impulse). You can forget about diamonds and jewelry, my wonderful Hubby & my girls got me a BOSU for my birthday!!! WOO HOO!! I’m lucky. Now that  I have my TRX and my Bosu, I am getting more and more itchy to finish the empty room in the basement to make a real home gym, but I think I’ll enjoy the rest of Super Bowl Sunday relaxing.

Happy Birthday to me.