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A shoe obsessed mom's Weight Watchers Journey with Celiac Disease

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2017 Year in Review

It’s been a few busy months since I posted. I have about 30 drafts that I was too busy to finish. However, it’s after midnight on a Wednesday and I committed to finishing this one!

2017 was a rollercoaster year.

I started the year off on Weight Watchers, but after a 25 lb. weight loss, I convinced myself it wasn’t working. In all honesty, I feel like I sabotaged myself from a comment DH made. Excuses.

I’ve been helping my mom downsize and get her house prepared to sell – anyone looking for a beautifully remodeled 4,000 sq. ft. home in the GTA??

I feel like I’m finally in a good place at work. In 2018, I would like to do more professional and personal learning.

In August we drove to Atlantic City, NJ for a vacation with friends and their boys. The weather was amazing, the beach was amazing. I’d go back.

In October, my gym membership lapsed, and my DH and I went to Vegas with 2 other couple friends to celebrate our (the ladies) 40th birthdays this year. It was 2 weeks after the Vegas shooting. It was an emotional and heavy feeling to Vegas. We went to the Grand Canyon west tip and it was spectacular! I pulled my back 2 days before the trip and suffered for the next 10 weeks!!

My back is finally healed, and my kids sports take up 6 days a week. I feel like a blob. I’m exhausted all the time. I want to start back in the workouts. I really like lifting. It’s my happy place. I hate cardio. I may give the dreadmill a rest and start looking for HIIT workouts.

I joined a 12-week transformation challenge that my high school buddy Rob & his wife Michelle’s company, Trainers on Site is running. Wish me luck.

No resolutions for 2018. I have the type of personality that if I set a goal and didn’t meet it; I’d constantly beat myself up for it and add it to my list of failures and become depressed over it. I am always learning about myself, and trying to change how I see things about myself. I promote self-love & positive body-image to my baby girls, I need to practice what I preach.

Goodbye 2017. Thank you for the memories and life lessons. Cheers to a wonderful and adventurous 2018.





I hate my guts

This weeks’ weigh in saw me down 7.5 lbs. In complete transparency, I haven’t weighed in for a couple of weeks and my body is rejecting itself.

I wasn’t feeling great Monday. People commented that I looked flushed. I left exercise class part way through because my stomach was in so much pain. I barely made it home and never made it to the washroom when the projectile vomiting hit. That was it for me for the rest of the night until Wednesday! I swear, my body was trying to vomit all my insides up. My body hated my its guts. Whatever that was, it’s now morphed into a sinus/chest cold. Today I finally feel a bit better.

I know that my 7.5 lb loss won’t be as good as it sounds when I start keeping the food down. I FEEL awful since I haven’t been eating or working out. Tonight, I’ll go outside for a walk and then grab some weights for a light sessions to ease back in.

I cancelled my WW Membership last night. I’ll finish out the month I’ve paid for. Why did I cancel? Not sure the program was really helping. I wasn’t following it or tracking in the end. I’ll take my $67/mo and buy a new scale.

Wish me luck.




Look at that view!

No, silly. I’m not talking about me (this time)!! I was away for work, and while these were long exhausting days cramming meetings in from 8am-11pm, we had a couple of hours in the mid-afternoon. The hotel was 2 km away so I went back and popped into the hotel fitness centre.

No Excuses.  I mean – look at the view!! I bought my TRX and resistance bands. I used the bench & free weights along with their treadmill and trail by the lake. I took the stairs to my fourth floor room.

I forgot what running outside without the momentum of the treadmill belt was like. Even if i do run with a slight incline on the treadmill.

I made sure to make good choices. I chose salads, veggies and omelets; protein like steak and chicken. I went to Wal-Mart and bought fruit, veggies and nuts for snacks. Some of my pants keep falling off or fitting loose. I haven’t stepped on a scale. a couple of Tuesday’s ago, I tried a Zumba class with a fellow soccer mom and neighbour. It was my first time trying Zumba. I sweated buckets and looked like a fool. It was alot of fun.

I’m back to work and I am exhausted. I’m also very content. Peaceful.




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I am Pretty…Strong

Wow. Last week’s cheeky post garnered a lot of responses on my Facebook link. Thank you to all who commented. Thank you all for the advice, and workout dates we have set up.

I DO notice the fit of my clothes is different. Today I am wearing a work-branded golfing-type vest. When purchased last summer it was snug so I never bothered to use the zipper. Now, it’s loose. My pants? They keep falling down. I’ve measured – another 2″ off my waist!

The weight is slow to come off. I know. Today I weighed in and was down 0.4 lbs for a total of 16.8 lbs. The difference this time around from the last time I was on Weight Watchers? One is I was unaware of my Celiac Disease and two, I work out like mad now where as before all I did was run. With not knowing about my disease, my body wasn’t retaining the nutrients it needed. I was able to lose the weight easily, but I wasn’t healthy. Now, my body has repaired the damage and I retain the nutrients (good and bad), so the weight loss is slower. Second, muscle weighs more than fat, I know. This is why this time, I am also tracking measurements. I see me getting leaner, even if it’s not lighter.

Some days I have to force myself to go to the gym. Some days I’m dying to get there. I love following a couple of strong women on Instagram and seeing the exercises they post; and imitating them in class (the ladies in Boot Camp don’t like me much though).  I have a confession; I love lifting!! I have become obsessed with working my upper body (I actually have a pretty strong lower body) and core (even though I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, Strongly dislike core exercises).  I love feeling the struggle as I add more weight and push against the resistance until I just can’t do it any more. What a high!!

So, as I plan out my week of kids activities (hockey & soccer) and exercises for myself, what will you be doing?



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Wobbily Bits and Perky ….

I weighed in yesterday. Down 0.9lbs. I know I can get discouraged and hung up on a number, and I know it’s more than just the scale.

I’ve been working out like crazy! I attend classes on Mondays (tabbata), Wednesdays (when I can, burn n’ firm) and Thursdays (boot camp). On my own, I’m at the gym on the dreadmill for 30 mins min – even before my classes, a min of 30 mins. I do weights at home mostly. Lately, I’ve been concentrating on doing abs nightly to strengthen my core. My core is quite pathetic, really. They’re in hibernation. For 20 years.

IMG_1244[1]I was dying, I mean, lying down the other night looking at my phone when I turned on the camera. I took a pic and thought – “ha! this is why all those fit Instagram people always take pics of themselves lying down! I look muscular!”

It’s such a hard thing to do. Not compare. I look at my friends and wish I was as skinny, perky (snicker), outgoing, muscular, etc. But I’m not. I’m me. I’m smart, introverted, kinda shy, round, jiggly, determined. I have NEVER looked like those friends (even back in highschool). I am not built like that. Those aren’t my genes. Victoria’s Secret & Spanx are my BFF’s. What I can do; try to live actively and healthy. Teach my kids the same while being decent, patient, kind, tolerant, understanding, empathetic, strong women and human beings. It’s a struggle. I don’t always practice what I preach, but I’m trying my best. Every day.



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These past two weeks I have done little to no exercise. As mentioned in my last post, I managed to hurt my back pretty bad a couple of weeks ago at an exercise class. I was doing some weights from a sitting position and back exercises with yoga.

I couldn’t do any of that last week. I was too sore. Although, I managed to exercise my mouth & stomach – by eating everything in sight. Good Gawd. I sit idle for 2 mins and lose all my willpower.

I don’t yet know the damage it caused to my Weight Watchers journey. I’ve been too busy with kids activities to get to my weigh-in. One thing I’m learning though, is this is my journey. I’m going to fall and stumble along the way. I’m going to get down about it.

However, it’s my actions and reactions to all of this that are going to shape me in my journey. Last night I got back on that treadmill. I put in almost 10 mins of warm up walking before launching into small interval training (60s/90s x8 at 3.6/5.1 mph at 1% incline). I felt fantastic. Tonight, I’m going to tabata class where I will do the low intensity workout to ease back into things.

If I let the fact I’ve gained weight or lost some activity momentum get me down, then that’s when I lose. I only fail if I give up. Gawd knows, I’m too much of a goody-two-shoes to fail at anything.



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Weight Blah Week Blah

I REALLY wish there was a font called sarcasm. I speak sarcasm fluently. This week was a DISASTER in the weight category. Up 4 lbs!! WTF?!?!

The body is a marvelous thing though. Even though the weight shows I am up, my measurements and one can actually SEE the change in my body.

I admit – If I actually tracked anything this past week it would seriously shock me. There were no snaccidents this week. Looks like pure shitty eating.

I earned 123 FitPoints, 66.5K steps and 256 activity minutes. I’m up to 5/1.5 intervals on the C25K. I was attending classes with E&J. Until Tuesday. I swear, the instructor must’ve been 75 years old. She started the 7pm class late with no warm up. The side lunge/squat/front lunge on a step weren’t new movements. The weight and the way it was held was. As soon as I put down the weight bar, I looked at E and said “I just effed up my back”. I finished the rest of the hour-long class and drove in pain to Wal-Mart for groceries. Picture this: Me, in exercise compression pants, tank and sneakers with full-zip hoodie, glowing (sweaty) face, beautiful (messy, sweaty, wet) hair standing in the cat food aisle sobbing – because my back hurts. Any NORMAL person would’ve walked past to see me – the moron – in the cat food aisle crying over…cat food?? Crazy cat lady!! *eyerolling*

I went to the doc – who gave me meds. It hurts to sit, stand, and lay down. I did some arm weights Wednesday night, making sure not to jar or put stress/pressure on my back. I’m also doing yoga back stretches to help keep limber and not just sit and wait it out.

While I recover, I am back to tracking. It really does make a difference for me to see what works and what doesn’t work for me. Here’s hoping for a better weight week – and a healthier back!



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Non-scale Victories or NSVs

For those who aren’t familiar with the weight watchers program, we try to also celebrate victories that don’t occur on the scale. We call these Non-Scale Victories or NSVs. I was thinking to myself the other day, that the weight loss hasn’t exactly been going in the direction I want (in case you were wondering, its down. I wish my weight would go down).  Then I remembered I took some body measurements and wrote them on the wall (on June 6) in the basement. It stares at me every day. mocking me. “Nah na na na na” it says. Well, let me say that attitudes like that just fuels my fire. I’ll show those measurements!!

So, I took my measurements last night. Since that fateful day in June 2016, I’ve lost:

  • 1.5″ off my bust;
  • 2″ off my waist;
  • 1″ off my hip; and
  • 1.5″ off my thigh.

Remember when I said I can see my toes? Remember when I said I can wear those jeans that used to be just a smidge too tight? I can see that my body has changed.

Another NSV came yesterday in a Super Sculpt class when I could see and feel the flexibility; I could feel the need to increase the weights and I didn’t get as tired/out of breath as I would have before.

I may injure myself soon though, with all this patting of my own back I’m doing. 😉

To quote the Black Eyed Peas song I Gotta Feeling:

Go out and smash it

Jump off that sofa
Let’s get get off

I got this.  You’ve got this.  Together, we’ve got this. Let’s go!



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Weight Watchers Week 3

Week 3 and I’m down 1.9; Total 6.2. NSV today: i put on a pair of red jeans I’d been avoiding because they were getting a little *snug* and today, they weren’t!!

The first full week back was a tough one. Weight Watchers updated their site so all my previous recipes and favorites were no longer saved. This week was a week of searching out the point value of foods (Costco Kirkland 1/4 lb burger patty raw), and all my GF Foods.

So, world-wide web, I could use some suggestions: As someone with Celiac Disease, I find weekends my toughest. Why? My weekdays are structured. I have my juice with Green Matcha Tea (6SP), my Danone Oikos yogurt (4SP) added with 1/8C of GF Oats and 1/8C of sliced almonds (4SP), and my tea. At 10 am, its my fruit. At lunch – I usually research a GF Lunch and go out to get it. I have my veggies (Cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, carrots) along with my Fontaine mini hummus 57g (4SP) for my afternoon snack around 2:30. I have my dinner and workout and small snack in the evening. Now, weekends…I wake up whenever, still have my juice & green tea, my tea, maybe some toast (4SP) then out for the day and eat again at dinner and snack at night. What can I do on my weekends so that I DON’T fall off the WW Wagon??

I realize my OJ is 6SP, but I really enjoy having it with my Steeped Tea Green Matcha (Sweet Strawberry or Lemon) in the morning. I haven’t been sick with a cold in forever (knock on wood).

As for activity, I earned 68 points last week. That’s without a gym. It’s amazing how flexible I still am even though I haven’t been as active as I was when I was last on the program. I think it’s because I always kept some activity in my life. I think it helped me maintain in the 240’s rather than creeping all the way back up to the 250’s. I feel great after a treadmill run (let’s not even talk about the outside run). I’ve learned how to stream from our cloud drive and log into my You Tube to watch my videos saved for later.

Now, if I could only get rid of the migraines….

Have a great week.



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Creating a Home Gym

I’m lucky enough to live in a house where I have some extra space. In this extra space, I’d like to create a Home Gym. If you know me, you know I never do things half-asked. I’m doing quite a bit of research.

So far, I’ve managed to pick up:

1. a treadmill ($120 from a family member who was moving)

2. a Bowflex (hubby picked this up for $50 from Kijiji)

3. a standing punching bag ($50 from a local Facebook swap group)

4. a TRX

5. a Bosu

6. various handweights

7. jump rope

8. resistance bands

9. kettlebells

10. stability ball

The room I have in mind is in the basement and is a concrete floor with a leak in the foundation wall. At the moment, I need to remove the drywall & insulation (and almost certain the studs) to fix the leak and re-do the wall.

I want to paint the room a bright colour and paint a chalkboard calendar so I can write out daily workout schedule. I also want to purchase inexpensive wall mirrors and a bar to help with stretching (I think I can go to the re-use store and get a small, straight piece if stair rail to use for this). I’d like to set up a small TV and DVD Player to play some of my videos and maybe to watch TV when I’m on the treadmill.

My inspiration, this room from IHeartOrganizing that I found on Pinterest:


I like the shelf above the treadmill where she keeps her iPad and the IKEA EKBY brackets she uses to hold the yoga mats, genius!

Wishful thinking to add to my room is pull-up bar, stationary bike, elliptical machine and the shoulder pull-down bar extension kit for the bowflex. Is there anything else you think I might need?

Wish me luck in this newest adventure…I’ll post the AFTER pictures when complete.